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Register for a Free Webinar on Intellectual Property For StartUps – July 17th, 2020

The Business of Intellectual Property For Start-ups

Intellectual Property is an important business tool in the hands of Start Ups and small companies. Its value  assumes higher importance  during a crisis. As many businesses work hard to survive the  crisis posed by the COVID pandemic, the crisis has opened   new avenues to  innovative and creative Start Ups. Start Ups that are able to build strong and valuable IP during this time, whether related to COVID or not, have a unique opportunity to succeed and thrive. In order to  build IP and take advantage of it, Start Ups must know what IP they have, how to protect/build it, and...

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Upcoming Event: Protecting IP through online enforcement

BananaIP Counsels, through Intellepedia, is happy to announce a webinar titled “Protecting IP through online enforcement”, an online event for content producers, trademark owners, and other IP owners. Individuals, and companies of all sizes, create intellectual property and make it available online in many ways including by selling products, offering mobile apps, or publishing pictures and videos. With the internet becoming the primary mode of content sharing at present, content creators commonly face situations in which their intellectual property is infringed by third parties. Such infringement may be through unauthorized use of pictures, videos, music, or text content, or the use...

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Dr. Kalyan Kankanala delivers a talk on Infringement Analysis for students at NLSIU – Bangalore on April 19th , 2020

Patent Infringment

Dr. Kalyan explained the concept of patent infringement, assessing literal infringement and infringement by doctrine of equivalence with examples. The infringement test used in the Indian courts was also discussed. Please find the presentation below for your reference.   [slideshare id=232248988&doc=patentinfringementanalysis2020-200419055319]...

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Intellectual Property (IP) Seminar at Cochin, Kerala: Register for Free

Getting a Patent Grant in One Year in India & Intellectual Property for Business & Value Creation

Intellectual Property is an important tool for every company, small or big, in today's business context. The seminar and discussion provides an understanding of the value of IP for business in the context of latest developments in India and across the world. It also provides insights into strategies for fast tracking patent grants. Sessions Session 1: Intellectual Property and Business Value This session focuses on how companies can take advantage of their IP assets to gain business and commercial benefits. It provides some strategies, tips and tricks to navigate the IP territory in India. Session 2: How to get a Patent in 1 Year This...

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Upcoming IP Event: Copyright for Writers and Publishers (6th January 2020)

Creative Expression and Copyright Protection

BananaIP Counsels, through Intellepedia, is happy to announce a seminar on "Creative Expression and Copyright Protection", an event for writers, novelists and publishers, on 6th January, 2020 at its office. You may register online for the event here: Register online Event Information With the emergence of novel and innovative publishing models, authors, writers and novelists have the choice of numerous publication options. They no longer need to wait for a nod from a publisher, whose considerations are often not limited to the quality of their literary work. Today's authors can  write and publish their work in digital form on their own social media platforms...

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Upcoming IP Events – Fast tracking Patents, Music of Copyrights, and Learn Patent Searching and Data Analysis Skills/Techniques

Upcoming Intellectual Property (IP) Events by Intellepedia

BananaIP's Intellepedia is organising three IP Events during the next four weeks. They are being held at BananaIP's office in Bangalore. You may register for the events by visiting the links provided hereunder. At a Glance Fastracking Patents in India: Getting a Patent in One Year - 20th December 2019 (2PM to 4PM) - BananaIP's Office (3rd Floor) - Register Online The Music of Copyrights - 3rd January , 2020 (2PM to 4PM) - BananaIP's Office (3rd Floor) - Register Online Learn Patent Searching and Data Analysis Skills/Techniques - 10th January , 2020 (2PM to 4PM) - BananaIP's Office (3rd Floor)...

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Dancing with Intellectual Property: A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Dancing with Intellectual Property

On December 13th, 2019, BananaIP Counsels conducted a seminar titled "Dancing with Intellectual Property" at its office in Bangalore. The event was attended by dancers, performers, and dance instructors, and witnessed active exchanges on the need for IP awareness for those in the field. Dr. Kalyan, Managing Partner of BananaIP Counsels, started the session with a discussion on the different types of intellectual property that could exist in a dance performance, and how each form of IP could be protected. He elucidated the protectable elements in a dance performance, and the commercial and legal benefits of protecting each element, and how...

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The Business of Building, Managing and Monetizing Intellectual Property Assets

Intellepedia Seminar - Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization

Today, Intellepedia successfully conducted  its yearly seminar on "Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization". In line with the tradition, the seminar brought together leading IP experts and senior management of companies to discuss business aspects of intellectual property, and ways to build, manage and commercialise IP assets. This year's seminar hosted two reputed IP professionals, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner of BananaIP Counsels, and Mr. Ram Sitaraman – Principal Engineer, Heading IPR at Mahindra & Mahindra. Representatives from more than 25 companies took part in the seminar, which witnessed discussions and exchanges pertaining to IP developments from...

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Intellectual Property for Innovative Businesses – A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan delivers a talk on "Intellectual Property and Business"

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala delivered a talk at a seminar organized by Intellepedia titled “Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization” on December 6th, 2019. In his talk, he spoke about Intellectual Property and Business and you can find the presentation below.   [slideshare id=201875928&doc=intellectualpropertyandbusiness-191205131627]   For more information on upcoming Intellectual Property Seminars visit www.bananaip.com/intellepedia....

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