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PCT Filing Services

BananaIP offers efficient and effective PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) filing services, led by a team of highly qualified patent attorneys. Our services are tailored for clients looking to extend their patent applications to multiple countries. We guide our clients through the entire PCT filing process, including International search, International examination, and National phase filing in the client’s chosen countries.
We provide comprehensive support in responding to PCT search reports, making claim amendments, and filing replies or amendments during the international examination phase. Our patent attorneys have extensive experience in managing PCT applications and have successfully assisted clients in securing patents across various countries through the PCT pathway.
Our team’s strength lies in their technological expertise and deep understanding of patent law, enabling us to draft high-quality patent applications and effectively navigate the PCT process. BananaIP stands out due to our blend of technological capabilities, business acumen, and legal proficiency, making us a preferred choice for PCT and international patent filing services.

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Our PCT Offerings

  • Patent Drafting
  • PCT Filing
  • International Search Report (ISR)Response
  • International Examination Response
  • Claim Amendments
  • National Phase Filings
  • PCT File Management

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Why Choose BananaIP for PCT Filings?

BananaIP is a top choice for clients seeking PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) filings for several key reasons:

  • Expertise in Drafting Patent Applications: We are adept at crafting high-quality patent applications that are well-suited for PCT filing and subsequent entry into multiple countries.
  • Extensive PCT Filing Experience: Our firm has a rich history of filing numerous PCT applications successfully over the past 20 years.
  • Guidance Through the PCT Process: Our patent attorneys have a proven track record of helping various clients smoothly navigate the PCT process and secure patents in different countries.
  • Strong Technological and Legal Foundation: Our attorneys are backed by solid technology and legal expertise, which is crucial for the complex PCT process.
  • Strategic Approach to PCT Process: We specialize in strategically managing the PCT process to strengthen patent applications, aiming for robust patent grants.

Our commitment to these aspects makes BananaIP an ideal partner for clients looking to efficiently and effectively manage their PCT filings.

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