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After 15-years of IP services and excellence, BananaIP is recognized as a pioneer in the evolution of IP in India through high quality services, law, and policy contributions, highly cited publications, and proactive technology integration.

With a team of more than 60 legal and technical professionals, BananaIP is one of the largest IP firms in India today.  We serve more than 600 clients and have managed more than 20,000 files or projects.  We’ve counselled more than200 start-ups and numerous individual entrepreneurs.  We also have published ten IP books and more than 5,000 articles on leading online forums, journals, magazines, and publishers.  Our home IP publication, Intellepedia, is recognized as one of the world’s top 10 IP blogs and is a primary reference source for in house counsels, legal professionals, and academics.


A trademark represents a company’s business and the goodwill associated with it. If appropriately protected and strategized, a trademark can provide a tremendous business advantage to an organization. Effective trademark management, and efficient business value creation requires: an insight into trademark law, keen understanding of your business, ability to foresee possible opportunities, and capitalize on business developments.


Thorough trademark search, opinion, and accurate filing


Competent trademark examination, approval, and portfolio management


Competitive positioning and value creation in brand


Judicious pursuit of misuse and defense

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BananaIP has filed and managed more than fourteen thousand (14, 000) trademark applications across the world including the USA, India, Europe, etc

Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Managing Partner

  • Recognized among the top IP minds of India
  • Has advised more than 1000 clients on IP matters
  • Internationally cited IP attorney and strategist
Sanjeeth Hegde

Sanjeeth Hegde

Senior Partner

  • Nationally recognized entertainment law, IP licensing, and trademark attorney
  • Has significant US in-house experience in tech licensing with Fortune 500 companies
  • Advises leading organizations on branding, IP protection, and valuation


Our team of highly experienced trademark attorneys at BananaIP Counsels provide value added trademark services to help clients maximize business returns from their trademarks.

From trademark clearance searching, to trademark protection, and brand management, our team offers the broadest range of trademark services. Having helped clients acquire thousands of trademark registrations in India, the US, Europe, and across the globe, our attorneys are well versed in trademark processes. Our experience of handling trademark compliance audits, and licensing/franchising transactions, enables us to offer unique, customized services to our clients.




Strategy & Enforcement Services


Licensing, Merchandizing, Franchising

Frequently asked questions

A trade mark is a representation used in trade or business. It protects the association between the mark and the business and the good will linked with it. It can be a word, symbol, color, sound, smell and so on.

A trade mark application may be filed by the applicant directly or through a trade mark agent. There are two ways to file a trade mark application:

1. Paper filing and
2. Online filing.

Document/ Information require for filing trade mark application:-

• Trade mark name (logo/Device/word /symbol)

• Applicant’s name, nationality, address and

• Registered description of the Applicant (Individual/ partnership firm/ joint firm/ Hindu undivided family/ body incorporate/ society/ trust as the case may be).

• Trade description of the Applicant – such as Manufacturer / Service Provider / Distributor or as the case may be.

• Date of Use of the trade mark (if the trade mark is proposed to be use, date of use is not required. If the trade mark in use, a user affidavit testifying the date of usage of the mark is required to be submitted at the time of filing of an application).

• Class of the Trade mark

• Description of Goods or services.

• For filing an ordinary application other than conventional application in a single class, the prescribed form is TM -A and the statutory fee is as follows:

a) If filed by an Individual, Start-up or SME, fee is INR 4,500.

b) If filed by a Body incorporate, fee is INR 9,000.

Trade mark is an intellectual property, which provides the exclusive right to use the name, mark, symbol, logo, image or combination of these elements which are used as the brands / names under which goods and services of a merchant/trader are sold. It protects the unauthorized copy or use of a similar mark by any person for the same category of business. It provides the right to prosecute any person who infringes the brand name or identification mark. Even an unregistered trade mark provides protection in form of a passing off action.

A trade mark protects the reputation of the business of the trader. It helps the trader to establish the connection between the mark and the quality/characteristics of goods or services associated with it.

The symbol ® signifies that the trade mark is a registered trade mark. The symbol ™ signifies that the word or logo is used as a trade mark. It may not be a registered mark. When a mark is used as a trade mark, ™ symbol may be used along with the mark. Once the trade mark is registered, the ® symbol is generally used along with the mark.

Word mark is a mark, in which a word, combination of alphabets, numerals or combination of alphabets & numerals is used as trade mark (example ‘SAMSUNG’ & I10). A logo mark is a mark which is a symbol, design or a graphical representation used along with the words and/or numerals. Logo marks are generally created in a specific font style.

A word mark gets stronger protection than a logo mark because it allows the owner of the mark to prevent third parties from using the word in any format. On the other hand, logo mark only enables the owner to prevent others from using an identical or similar logo.

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