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Finest Team of Senior Partners

BananaIP has the finest team of Senior Partners in the Country. The firm and its partners are recognized and ranked as leaders in the IP industry.

Super Specialized IP Services

BananaIP offers highly specialized 'One of its Kind' IP services. The firm has departments specializing in fields such as AI, Automotive, Electronics, Telecom, IT, Green Energy, Biosciences, Entertainment Law and e-Commerce Law.

More than 600 Clients and 20,000 Files / Projects

Clients choose to work with BananaIP because of our ability to merge their needs with advancements in law, policy, business and technology. The firm is IP attorney/advisor to leading organizations in diverse industries at the forefront of IP in India.


With the vision of offering high quality, technology, and business driven IP law services following international standards, Dr. Kalyan Kankanala co-founded BananaIP Counsels (formerly Brain League) in 2004.  The firm incubated from IIMB’s entrepreneurship cell (NSRCEL) and has today emerged as a top ranked and premier IP firm in India.


Our commitment to excellence led to multiple accomplishments making BananaIP the best and the most sought-after firm in India where we:


  • Built the strongest and best team in India.
  • Acquired an enviable client portfolio.
  • Developed a reputation for world-class expertise.
  • Contributed significantly to the Indian IP law, policy, and eco-system.
  • Launched highly specialized, ‘one of its kind’ IP services.
  • Integrated modern, cutting edge technologies with proprietary methods to augment the firm’s top-notch service offerings.


BananaIP differentiates itself from other firms through its achievements and accomplishments in IP services, contributions to the law and policy framework, and business-driven IP research. The firm and its partners are recognized and ranked as leaders in the IP industry.  They hold honorary positions with national and international IP committees and research centres, and their views are regularly cited by leading news organizations, journals and research publications.


BananaIP’s success is due to the exceptional talent, understanding, credentials and experience of its senior partners.  Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, Nitin Nair, Somashekar Ramakrishna, Vinita Radhakrishnan and Sanjeeth Hegde are the firm’s core. They are what sets BananaIP apart from other IP firms or consultancies in India.


Each senior partner has carefully cultivated the expertise necessary to lead their practice areas through advanced education and qualifications; handpicked and groomed associates from the best law, technology, and management schools; and continuous quality and process improvements.


They have all held IP positions in North America, Europe, and Asia during their careers before founding BananaIP. Their collective qualifications, background and expertise are unmatched in India.

At BananaIP, we are a closely-knit family of IP attorneys seeking to add significant value to every project we undertake. Every file and project of every client is very important to us, and our client’s success is our success.


Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

Managing Partner
  • Recognized among the top IP minds of India
  • Has advised more than 1000 clients on IP matters
  • Internationally cited IP attorney and strategist
Vinita Radhakrishnan

Vinita Radhakrishnan

Senior Partner
  • Internationally recognized life sciences, pharma and traditional medicine patent agent/attorney
  • Has significant inhouse experience in helping pharma companies strategize, protect and license intellectual property
  • Works with a portfolio of clients across the world on international patent strategy, filing and protection
Somashekar Ramakrishna

Somashekar Ramakrishna

Senior Partner
  • Nationally recognized automotive, mechanical, and manufacturing patent agent/attorney
  • Has significant experience of working with a leading US Patent Firm and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)
  • Seasoned patent drafting and prosecution expert for global manufacturing and automotive companies
Sanjeeth Hegde

Sanjeeth Hegde

Senior Partner
  • Nationally recognized entertainment law, IP licensing, and trademark attorney
  • Has significant US in-house experience in tech licensing with Fortune 500 companies
  • Advises leading organizations on branding, IP protection, and valuation
Nitin Nair - Senior Partner BananaIP Counsels

Nitin Nair

Senior Partner
  • Worked as patent agent and attorney for global Fortune 500 clients
  • Instrumental in helping many companies mine, evaluate, protect, and commercialize patents and inventions
  • Nationally recognized telecom, electronics, AI and big data patent agent/attorney.
Madhav Rao

Madhav Rao

Chief Financial Officer
  • Strategic Partner & Chief Financial Officer


BananaIP has structured its departments based on client industry requirements and current legal developments.  We are the only firm in India with this high degree of specialization. The firm has the following departments:



Patent Departments

  • Mechanical and Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Green Energy
  • Electronics, Telecom, and IT
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Electric Vehicles, Telematics & Applications
  • Biosciences, Pharma & Traditional Medicine
  • Start-ups

Other IP Departments

  • IP Consulting, Advisory & Strategy
  • Trademark & Copyright
  • Entertainment Law
  • eCommerce Law
  • Technology Law
  • Industrial Designs
  • International Filings (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Designs)
  • Litigation Management
  • Open Source Licensing
  • Corporate IP Training


After 18-years of IP services and excellence, BananaIP is recognized as a pioneer in the evolution of IP in India through high quality services, law and policy contributions, highly cited publications, and proactive technology integration.


With a team of more than 60 legal and technical professionals, BananaIP is one of the largest IP firms in India today. We serve more than 600 clients and have managed more than 20,000 files or projects. We’ve counselled more than 200 start-ups and numerous individual entrepreneurs. We also have published ten IP books and more than 5,000 articles on leading online forums, journals, magazines, and publishers. Our home IP publication, Intellepedia, is recognized as one of the world’s top 10 IP blogs and is a primary reference source for in house counsels, legal professionals, and academics.


From the nascent days of IP in the country, BananaIP has collaborated with premier organisations including: National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on corporate and SME education and policy setting to develop and drive IP awareness for businesses across the country. Being one of the rare firms to have been entrusted with such responsibilities, BananaIP continues to be a sought-after advisor by leading businesses, academic, and R&D institutions, as well as business incubators. The senior partners have contributed to research projects undertaken by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as well as the Indian Patent Office (IPO).

Well recognized for their work and accomplishments, BananaIP’s senior partners are frequently invited to speak at company, government and industry organizations, and academic institutions. Our partners have delivered talks at Samsung, Mahindra & Mahindra, Crompton, GE, Bosch, Emerson, the Council of Scientific, and Industrial Research (CSIR), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), National Law School of India University (NLSIU), National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), National Institute of Technology, Surathkal (NITS), Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), and others. BananaIP’s senior partners are also advisory and steering committee members on several centres of excellence that play an important role in law and policy making in India such as the Centre for Excellence in IP and Standards, Centre of Sports and Entertainment Law, and Centre of IP Research and Advocacy.


Because of their subject matter expertise, our senior partners are frequently cited on IP topics in publications including: The Hindu, Indian Express, DNA, Telegraph, Economic Times, and Forbes. They are also routinely invited by leading journals and magazines such as IEEE, JIPR, JSEL, and Pharma World to contribute IP articles from the practicing attorney’s perspective.


Clients choose to work with BananaIP because of our ability to merge their current needs with advancements in law, policy, business and technology.  The firm is IP attorney/advisor to leading organizations in diverse industries at the forefront of IP in India. Some of these include:

















Many of these clients have been with BananaIP since our inception. This longevity is testament to their trust and value in ourwork.  And as their business needs have evolved, so too has BananaIP’s approach to the services we provide to meet those needs. 


BananaIP’s partners are well recognized as subject matter experts in intellectual property in India. Our views are regularly carried by the news media and work extensively cited across the globe.

  • Forbes India cites BananaIP’s Dr. Kalyan Kankanala in the article “India’s Startups Are Filing More Patents Than Ever Before – Here’s Why”.
  • The Hindu has Dr. Kalyan Kankanala’s thoughts on patents in an article titled “There is a Rush for Patents”.
  • BananaIP’s Senior Partner, Vinita Radhakrishnan’s article on “Pharmaceutical IP in India: Unique Challenges” was published by Pharma Bio World.
  • BananaIP’s Senior Partner, Vinita Radhakrishnan was quoted in an article on DNA titled “The Patent Way to Innovation – Do Increased Patent Applications Indicate a Rise in Innovation in the Startup Sector?”.
  • The Telegraph quotes BananaIP’s Dr. Kalyan Kankanala in the article “Image Conscious – Celebrities have become aggressive about protecting their personality rights”.

Over the last 18 years, BananaIP’s team has published ten books, dozens of law review articles, opinions, and blog posts. Their writings are regularly cited around the world in books, articles, and policy documents.


Select Citations


  • BananaIP’s Managing Partner’s work is cited inthe article “A Quantitative Approach to Determining Patentable Subject Matter” in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology.
  • Kalyan Kankanala from BananaIP is cited in the book “Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights: Legal and Social Implications” authored by Kshitij Kumar Singh and published by Springer.
  • BananaIP’s IP publication is cited in the book “Indigenous Intellectual Property, A Handbook of Contemporary Research” edited by Matthew Rimmer and published by Edward Elgar.
  • BananaIP’s IP publication is cited in the book “Patent Law & Intellectual Property in the Medical Field” by Rashmi Aggarwal and Rajinder Kaur, published by IGI Global.
  • BananaIP’s Managing Partner is cited inthe book “Managing Intellectual Property: The Strategic Imperative” by Vinod V. Sople and published by PHI Learning.

BananaIP’s senior partners are recognized as leading attorneys and experts in IP law, patent law, and entertainment law, and their work is well recognized and acknowledged by industry leaders, inhouse counsels, and academics.


Select Accolades and Honors


  • BananaIP is acknowledged and mentioned as a leading/premier IP firm by credible publications, websites, and experts.
  • BananaIP’s Dr. Kalyan Kankanala was appointed as the national expert on IP by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to advise SMEs in India.
  • BananaIP’s partners Dr. Kalyan Kankanala and Sanjeeth Hegde were recognized as Super IP Lawyers, and their interviews were published on the SL portal.
  • Kalyan Kankanala was recently appointed to the advisory board of Centre of IP Excellence and Standards at National Law School, Bangalore.
  • BananaIP’s publication, Intellepedia, is consistently ranked among the Top 10 IP blogs and resources in the world.
  • BananaIP’s partners are listed among the top IP thought leaders in India.
  • BananaIP’s senior partners were featured among the most promising young IP professionals in several books and publications.


Select Recognitions and Rankings


  • BananaIP is recognised as a top IP firm by clients, scholars, and IP professionals across the world.
  • BananaIP has been referred as a Top IP Firm in India by Success and Ability in one of its exclusive features in 2019.
  • BananaIP has been ranked as a Top Patent and Trade Mark Firm of 2019 by SI magazine.
  • BananaIP’s Senior Partner, Nitin Nair, received Dossier of Excellence for his work in patent law from QO in 2019.
  • BananaIP’s Senior Partner, Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan, has been ranked among the top five women patent attorneys in India.
  • BananaIP’s Managing Partner, Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, has been ranked among the top IP thought leaders in the country.


Intellectual acumen, knowledge, expertise and experience of BananaIP’s senior partners and associates form the primary intellectual asset of the firm. Over the years, BananaIP has built intellectual capacity within the firm that sets BananaIP apart from its competitors. While most of its IP is maintained as trade secrets, BananaIP has filed and registered some patents, trademarks, and copyrights with respect to its novel technologies, proprietary methods, reputed representations and original forms.


Overall, BananaIP has an IP portfolio with about seventy filings and registrations, out of which close to fifty are registered. Some of the firm’s intellectual property includes:


Patent filings with respect to patent/trademark, royalty and content management technologies


Trade Mark registrations with respect to its popular brands such as BananaIP, Intellepedia, Invenomics, SiNApSE, PlanTain and so on


Copyright registrations over IP Manuals, forms and training materials


BananaIP’s intellectual property adds significant value to its IP service quality and standards, and makes BananaIP the most innovative firm in the country.



BananaIP frequently undertakes work on a pro-bono bases for start-ups, artists, and persons with disabilities.  Over the years, the firm has provided free IP advisory, filing, and commercialization support with the objective of enabling full and equal opportunity for deserving stakeholders.




Prof. Jon M. Garon

  • Dean of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center, US

Prof. T. Ramakrishna

  • Professor of Law. IPR Chair Professor. P.G. Council Chairman. National Law School of India University

Prof. A. Damodaran

  • Professor and DIPP IPR Chair, IIM-Bangalore
Prof. Anil B Suraj

Prof. Anil B. Suraj

  • Visiting Faculty on Law and Public Administration at IIM Bangalore

Rayudu M. V.

  • CEO, Chirra Electronics

Nagesh V.

  • CTO, Chirra Electronics