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By visiting Intellepedia – IP News Centre (“Intellepedia or “Blog”), https://www.bananaip.com/ip-news-center/, you agree to abide by the following blog policy and the terms of use. If you do not wish to agree to any of the terms or conditions, kindly refrain from accessing Intellepedia.


For purposes of this policy, BananaIP shall mean BananaIP Counsels LLP.

These terms of use shall be in addition to the terms of use and privacy policy of BananaIP’s website available at: https://www.bananaip.com/terms-of-use/ and https://www.bananaip.com/privacy-policy/, which shall form an integral part of these terms of use. BananaIP’s privacy policy shall govern the use of Intellepedia as well.

  1. The articles and views presented on Intellepedia are purely for information and academic purposes only. The views expressed therein are opinions/views of the respective authors and BananaIP does not warrant the accuracy of the information or views, and expressly disclaims all warranties with respect to the information or data. BananaIP or authors contributing to Intellepedia shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused to a person or losses or damages incurred by such person due to the information or views posted on the blog.
  2. BananaIP expressly disclaims any and all warranties with respect to the accuracy, authenticity and appropriateness of the information provided in the blog. The contents of the blog shall never be construed to constitute a legal advice. BananaIP shall bear no liability for any loss or damage sustained by any person or entity acting on the basis of or by placing reliance on the information provided or representations made in the blog.
  3. Any unauthorized representation or misrepresentation, of BananaIP or Intellepedia trademark, whether honest or otherwise is strictly prohibited and may give rise to liability for civil and criminal action.
  4. BananaIP shall not at any time be held liable for any consequences of any third party comments or posts on the blog. If any comment, or post on Intellepedia causes any inconvenience, or violates rights of any Person, BananaIP will take down the content after a preliminary review, after receiving an email notice. Any Person aggrieved by anything written on the blog may send out a notice to [email protected], providing the link of the post, and indicating the reasons for take down.
Posting Terms and Conditions
  1. All content, articles, statistics, notes, observations (collectively called ‘Blogs’) featured on Intellepedia will duly attributed to their respective authors, and each author shall be independently liable for any legal liability arising out of the Blogs.
  2. Authors shall solely be responsible for any comments, observations, representations made in the blog. Neither BananaIP nor any of the editors or facilitators shall be held liable for any charges, damages or losses in relation to the contents of a blog post.
Third Party Comments
  1. Users of the Blog are allowed to post their comments with respect to any blog featured on Intellepedia.
    BananaIP is not obligated to scrutinize such third party comments but reserves its rights to refuse all or any third party comments or parts thereof on its own discretion.
    BananaIP shall not be responsible for securing the identity of any third party commenting on the blog. The readers are free to elect whether or not to reveal their identity.
  2. The observations, views, comments, criticisms and opinions given in a third party comment shall at all times be associated with its author alone and BananaIP shall not at any time be held liable for any such comments, observations, opinions, views and observations.
Removal of Comments or Posts
  1. If a comment or post of a third party or author is found or alleged to be in violation of any of the legal rights of any person or entity, and same is brought to the notice of BananaIP, such comment shall be liable to be removed without notice to such third party or author.
  2. Any person aggrieved by a third party comment or any post, article, opinion, or view on the Blog may report the same to BananaIP by an email to [email protected]. The email shall clearly indicate the impugned third party comment or post or specific part thereof. The email shall also clearly indicate the law or rights that are violated by the said third party comment or post.
  3. BananaIP expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect to such third party comment or post.
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You may contact us by writing to [email protected] with the subject, Intellepedia.

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Policy and Terms of Use: Intellepedia, IP News Center