Patent Drafting, Filing & Registration in India

Patent Drafting Services in India

A patent specification, especially claims, play a critical role in defining the scope and extent of the protection afforded to an invention. The metes and bounds of an invention are often defined by the way a specification is drafted. Strong technology background, knowledge of developments in patent law, experience in prosecuting patent applications and litigation and craftsmanship in making the disclosure, all influence the quality of a draft.

Our team of highly qualified, expert patent attorneys, having strong technology background and experience of drafting hundreds of patents, work very closely with inventors to write patent specifications. Our commitment to assist clients in securing strong patents is backed up by our resolve to enable them to build a strong patent portfolio to further their business interests. Our team’s international experience, complemented by their technological forward planning, enables us to offer unparalleled drafting services for clients in India, the USA, Europe and across the world.

Patent Filing & Registration Services in India

Patent filing marks the beginning of the patent process. It is referred to as the constructive reduction of an invention to practice. Though the process of patent filing is largely procedural, it is an absolutely important step requiring expertise, attention, care and speed. Also, the options possible under patent law, nationally and internationally, necessitate due analysis and a strategic approach to patent filing.

Our team of highly qualified patent attorneys works closely with clients to devise appropriate filing strategies based on the client’s needs, and implement them in a timely manner. Our experience of handling hundreds of patent applications, keen eye to detail, international reach and state-of-the-art patent tools enable us to provide quality patent filing services around the world. By strategizing filings, optimizing budgets, planning international entry and expediting processes, we help our clients maximize the business benefit of their patent filings.

Our Services

Patent Drafting

  • Provisional Specification Draft
  • Non-Provisional Specification Draft
  • Complete Specification Draft
  • PCT Application Draft
  • Patent Draft Vetting and Review
  • Claims Drafting
  • Preparation of Drawings
  • Specification Preparation
  • Specification Formatting
  • National Phase Draft Preparation

Patent Filing & Registration Services

  • Direct Patent Filing
  • Convention Patent Filing
  • National Phase Patent Filing
  • Foreign Patent Filing
  • International Patent Filing
  • Patent Renewal Filing
  • Patent Application Preparation
  • Assignment Drafting & Filing
  • Convention Patent Filing
  • PCT Patent Filing

Our Patent Team

BananaIP’s success is due to the exceptional talent, understanding, credentials, and experience of its senior partners. Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, Nitin Nair, Somashekar Ramakrishna, Vinita Radhakrishnan, and Sanjeeth Hegde are the firm’s core. They are what sets BananaIP apart from other Patent firms or consultancies in India.

Each senior partner has carefully cultivated the expertise necessary to lead their practice areas through advanced education and qualifications; handpicked and groomed associates from the best law, technology, and management schools; and continuous quality and process improvements.

They have all held IP positions in North America, Europe, and Asia during their careers before founding BananaIP. Their collective qualifications, background, and expertise are unmatched in India.

Why BananaIP ?

  • BananaIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents, and technologists, who have performed thousands of patent searches for their clients;
  • Formerly as Brain League, and now as BananaIP, the firm has performed more than ten thousand patent searches for clients in India, USA, Europe, and other countries;
  • BananaIP’s teams of patent attorneys with inter-disciplinary expertise provide inputs converging, business, technology and law;
  • The Firm’s proprietary project and portfolio management tools enable it to track, manage and deliver projects in an organized and timely manner;
  • Over the years, BananaIP’s attorneys and agents have developed proprietary templates and tools to address specific business needs of clients;
  • BananaIP has subscriptions to proprietary patent search tools and databases that enables its experts to search patent and non-patent literature to uncover relevant prior art and references; and
  • BananaIP has search teams based out of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad, allowing easy access and proximity to clients at the said locations.

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Who can file for a patent in India?

An application for a patent may be filed in India by any of the following persons

1- True and first inventor of the invention;

2- Assignee of the true and first inventor, which in most cases is the employer of the person; or

3- Legal representative of any deceased person who immediately before his death was entitled to make such an application.

A patent application by any person from another country may be filed if the country is a member of the Paris Convention or is among the list of convention countries under the Indian Patent Act.

Where can I register a patent in India?

A patent application in India can be filed at any of the four branches of the patent office located in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. The appropriate office for an applicant to file a patent application would depend on: 1- Where the applicant resides or has his domicile or has a place of business or 2- The place from where the invention actually originated. In case of an International applicant not having a domicile or residence in India, a patent application must be filed through a patent agent. The appropriate patent office in such a case would depend on the address of service provided by the applicant.

Who can help me file a patent in India?

Any person who is a Patent Agent registered with the Indian Patent Office can help an individual or an organization in filing a patent application. As per the Indian patent act, only a patent agent registered with the Indian Patent Office is entitled to practice before the Controller, prepare all documents, transact all business and discharge any function as may be required in connection with any proceeding before the Controller which starts from the filing of the patent application and may end with the expiry of the patent.

Do I need to file a patent through a patent agent in India?

You do not have to file a patent application through a patent agent. A patent application may be filed by the inventor or applicant directly. However, it is advisable to go through a patent agent, who is well advised about the procedures and has experience with prosecuting patent applications.

What is the role of a patent agent in the patent process?

An Indian patent agent is a person who has a good understanding of the Indian Patent Act and Rules. His knowledge can help in determining the potential of a patent grant for an invention. Additionally, an Indian Patent Agent has the necessary qualification to represent your invention before the Indian Patent Office. A patent agent can draft a patent specification for your invention in conformance with the Indian Patent Act and can also file a patent application for your invention. Post filing, he can also prosecute the patent application by responding to examination reports issued by the patent office and attend hearings in the patent office, if required. Furthermore, he will address various statutory requirement set forth by the Indian Patent Office.

What is patent drafting?

Patent drafting is a process of preparing a document that can be filed in a patent office. The document is a techno-legal description of the invention. The description in the document will be in compliance with the patent law of a particular country in which it is filed. The depth of the description in the document will be such that a person, who has sufficient knowledge in the field to which the invention relates, will be able to practice the invention without undue experimentation.

Why do you need an expert for patent drafting?

A patent expert is needed for patent drafting because efficient patent drafting requires in depth understanding of both technical domain and legal principles. Generally an inventor may be well versed with the technology but may not understand the legal principles very well. It is advisable to take help of patent agents who specialize in that area of technology to which the invention belongs.