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Design Registration Services

At BananaIP, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of providing superior design registration services, uniquely combining expertise in technology, law, and business. Our extensive experience, spanning over two decades, has enabled us to assist a diverse range of clients in registering hundreds of designs across various countries.

Our proficiency in design filing, prosecution, and registration is reflected in the sizable portfolio of designs entrusted to us by clients who rely on our expertise. This trust is a testament to our dedication and success in meeting the design needs of our clients.

With BananaIP, you can be assured of comprehensive support in navigating the design registration process, ensuring your innovations are protected and managed with the utmost professionalism and skill. Trust us to be your partner in securing and maximizing the potential of your designs.

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Our Design Registration Service Offerings

Design Mining and Potential Design Identification: This service involves identifying unregistered designs within a company’s portfolio that have potential for registration. It’s about uncovering hidden design assets that could be legally protected, enhancing the company’s intellectual property portfolio.

  • Design Registrability Opinions: This involves evaluating a design to determine its eligibility for registration. Experts provide opinions on whether a design meets the legal criteria for protection, such as novelty and originality, guiding clients on the likelihood of successful registration.
  • Design Search and Analysis: This service entails conducting thorough searches in relevant databases to check for existing similar designs. It’s crucial for ensuring that a new design is not similar to existing ones and is novel and distinctive for registration.
  • Design Registration in India: This service focuses on the process of filing and registering a design in India, adhering to the specific legal and procedural requirements of the Indian design Office, ensuring that the design is protected under Indian law.
  • Design Registration in Foreign Countries: Similar to domestic registration, this service deals with registering designs in other countries. It involves navigating the legal requirements and processes of different national or regional design offices to secure international design protection.
  • Design Portfolio Management: This involves managing and maintaining a client’s collection of filed and registered designs. It includes tracking applications, monitoring legal status, and ensuring the design portfolio is kept alive and active.
  • Design Litigation Management: In case of design infringement, this service offers legal support to enforce rights. It includes managing legal actions, from cease and desist letters to representing clients in court proceedings.
  • Design Maintenance and Renewals: This service ensures that registered designs remain legally protected over time. It involves managing maintenance fees and handling renewal processes, critical for keeping design registrations active.
  • Design Audits and Due Diligence: This service includes evaluating a company’s design assets for legal risks and commercial value, often essential in mergers, acquisitions, or investment rounds. It’s about assessing the strength and validity of the design portfolio.
  • Design Advice and Consultation: This service offers strategic advice on how to effectively leverage design rights for business advantage. It includes consulting on design protection strategies, navigating complex design law landscapes, and aligning design IP with business goals.

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Why Choose BananaIP for Your Design Registration Needs?

BananaIP stands as a distinguished choice for design registrations, trusted and preferred by a broad spectrum of clients. Here’s why choosing us for your design registration needs is a strategic decision:

  • Proven Track Record of Success: Our history is rich with numerous successful design registrations, showcasing our capability to secure and protect your design rights effectively.
  • Exceptional Quality of Service: Our design attorneys are renowned for their high-quality work, ensuring each client receives unparalleled legal expertise.
  • Expertise in Technology and Design Law: Our team is uniquely equipped with a profound understanding of both technology and design law, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your designs.
  • Diverse Industry Experience: We bring a wealth of experience across various sectors, from AI, Robotics, and Medical Devices to Health Care, Personal Care, and Consumer Products. This diverse expertise enables us to cater to specific industry needs and nuances.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Our design attorneys are deeply committed to our clients’ causes, dedicating their efforts to not just protecting your designs but also facilitating your business success through strategic design protection.

At BananaIP, we blend expertise, commitment, and a broad industry understanding to provide superior design registration services that contribute to your business’s growth and success.