Copyright Filing & Registration Services

Copyright Filing and Registration

Copyrights protect creative expression in the form of literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, photographic and other works. Though copyright protection is automatic on creation of a work, registration of a copyright offers several advantages in enforcing one’s copyrights. In today’s world of opportunities, especially in the internet/digital realm, several avenues of generating revenue are available to creators and content owners. Having registered hundreds of copyrights for our clients, our team of copyright attorneys are adept at helping clients file and acquire copyright registrations with ease. Our work with the entertainment and publishing industries over the last decade has given us a insight into licensing and other copyright contract issues. This enables us to offer value-added license/contract drafting and negotiation services. In addition to helping clients manage copyright litigation efficiently, our team also helps clients strategize dispute resolution to arrive at amicable settlements.

Copyright Services

  • Copyright Filing and Registration
  • Handling Copyright Objections
  • Copyright Opinions and Reports
  • Content Protection
  • Content Management
  • Copyright Clearance
  • Copyright Contract Review
  • Drafting And Negotiation
  • Copyright Licensing and Transfers
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Copyright Risk Assessment
  • Take Down Notices and Process
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Copyright Litigation Management
  • Piracy Management
  • Content Monitoring And Reporting
  • Copyright Audit and Compliance

Why BananaIP?

Clients in India and across the world prefer BananaIP for trademark registrations and related services for the following reasons:
  • BananaIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of advocates, trademark attorneys and agents
  • Formerly as Brain League, and now as BananaIP, the firm has filed and managed more than fourteen thousand (14, 000) trademark applications across the world including the USA, India, Europe, etc
  • BananaIP was the first firm in India to file Madrid applications after India’s implementation of the protocol
  • On time delivery is one of the core values of BananaIP’s trademark team and many clients in the USA, India, Europe and other countries prefer BananaIP for this reason
  • BananaIP has well established international reach and partnerships to help clients file and prosecute applications in more than hundred countries
  • The firm’s proprietary project and portfolio management tools enable it to track, manage and deliver projects in an organized and timely manner
  • Over the years, BananaIP’s attorneys and agents have developed proprietary templates and tools to address specific business needs of clients
  • BananaIP has its presence in all major cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad
  • The firm has the credit of helping companies build and manage trademark portfolios, which not only provide business and competitive advantage, but also assume high financial value

Select Clients

  • Samsung
  • HCL Technologies
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Eureka Forbes
  • IIT – Madras
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Emerson
  • IIT, Bombay
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Reddy Laboratories

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