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Design Services at BananaIP

Effective Design Protection and Value Creation

BananaIP offers comprehensive design services for clients seeking to protect their innovative designs in India and internationally. With over 20 years of experience, our design attorneys have helped clients in diverse industries, from automotive and electric mobility to Telecom and AI, acquire design patent registrations and enforce their rights. Our expertise extends to consumer products, health and personal care, food, textiles, furniture, and beyond.

Our design attorneys have a proven track record of success, having assisted clients in filing and securing registrations for hundreds of designs. Our team of experienced design attorneys has also successfully managed numerous design litigations, ensuring that our clients are able to leverage their designs for maximum business and financial value.

Our competitive edge comes from a unique combination of factors:

  • Strong technological background: We understand the intricacies of design development and innovation across various industries.
  • Extensive design experience: Our team has a deep understanding of design registration and enforcement processes.
  • Legal expertise: We are well-versed in design patent law, ensuring your rights are effectively protected, commercialized, and enforced.
  • Business acumen: We understand the business value of design and help you leverage it effectively.

Our design attorneys are committed to helping our clients acquire robust design protection and maximize the business value of their innovative creations. Our clients have consistently benefited from our sound advice and comprehensive design services, gaining significant competitive advantages in their respective markets.

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Empowering Your Innovation with Expert IP Solutions

Our Design Service Offerings

  • Design Mining and Audits
  • Design Consultation and Advise
  • Design Search and Opinion
  • Design Filing in India
  • International Design Filing
  • Responding to Examination Reports
  • Appearing at Hearings
  • Filing Written Submissions
  • Procuring Design Registration Certificates
  • Appeals from Design Refusals
  • Design Clearance Search
  • FTO Analysis
  • Design Cancellation Proceedings
  • Cease and Desist Notices
  • Design Litigation Management
  • Online Enforcement of Designs
  • Design Portfolio Management
  • Design Licensing and Negotiation

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Email: [email protected]

Why Choose BananaIP for Design Services?

Clients worldwide trust BananaIP for:

  • Proven Expertise: Our team boasts seasoned advocates, attorneys, and patent agents with unparalleled qualifications and experience in design law.
  • Exceptional Track Record: We have a track record of securing design registrations for hundreds of clients across India and globally.
  • Industry-Leading Knowledge: Our attorneys possess a deep understanding of both technology and design law, making them true leaders in the field.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We are dedicated to helping you protect your designs and maximize their commercial value.
  • Comprehensive Services: From filing and prosecution to litigation management and licensing, we offer a full spectrum of design services.
  • Unwavering Commitment: Our team provides honest, reliable, and dedicated service every step of the way.

Choose BananaIP and empower your designs to succeed.