Accessibility of BananaIP’s Website and Resources

Accessibility of BananaIP’s Website and Resources

We at BananaIP Counsels are committed to making our website and resources accessible to persons with disabilities. Towards the said end, we have added specific accessibility features to the new version of our website. You will find an accessibility button at the top of the website, which will allow you to increase or decrease text size, underline or italicize content, and also, view the website in gray scale. Also, all our authors and bloggers have been instructed to describe images, provide alternative text wherever relevant, provide headings and other markers, and to incorporate features that enables screen reader users and others access and navigate through the content on our website easily.

Having said that, we  understand and acknowledge that   the website may not be fully accessible to all persons with disabilities of different types.

BananaIP’s team has done its best to make the website accessible to the maximum extent possible, and some features may have accessibility problems because of technical issues or lack of awareness. If you believe that  a specific portion of our website or specific content has not been made available in an accessible format, please write to us and we promise to put in our best efforts to resolve the accessibility issue. Also, we are open to general suggestions to improve accessibility and readability of our website and its contents for all persons.

You may reach out to us with your accessibility suggestions or issues by writing to [email protected] with the subject: Accessibility. You may also fill the form below and provide us your suggestions.


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