Patent Filing & Registration Services in India

Patent Filing Services

BananaIP provides a full range of patent filing and registration services for entrepreneurs and established businesses. Our Patent Filing and Registration experts work with clients from all over India and from different countries around the globe. We are based out of Bangalore with presence in Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, and all cities in India.

Patent Filing and Registration Services

  • Direct Patent Filing
  • Convention Patent Filing
  • National Phase Patent Filing
  • Foreign Patent Filing
  • International Patent Filing
  • Patent Renewal Filing
  • Patent Application Preparation
  • Assignment Drafting and Filing
  • Convention Patent Filing
  • PCT Patent Filing

How to File a Patent application in India?

Regardless of the type of patent you are seeking, patent protection can only be obtained by applying with the Indian Patent Office (IPO). There are both provisional and Complete Specification patent applications available to anyone looking to file a Patent application in India. A provisional patent application can be filed to allow the Patent applicant more time to figure out the specifics of the invention or discovery while protecting the invention or discovery from being patented by someone else. An Inventor who files a provisional patent application has one year from the date of filing to file a Complete Specification patent application.

The Complete Specification patent application begins the official examination process where the Indian Patent Office (IPO) determines if the invention or discovery is eligible to receive patent protection. Although the information that must be included in the patent application will depend on the type of patent that is being sought, Complete Specification patent applications will typically include a description and claim of the invention or discovery, drawings, an oath or declaration, and fees. An inventor can also file an international patent application using the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system.

Choosing BananaIP for your Patent Filings and Registration

BananaIP team of qualified patent attorneys works in tandem with clients to devise and implement appropriate filing strategies based on clients’ needs, on time. The wealth of experience possessed by our team, in handling applications, the eye-for-detail, international reach, and state-of-the-art tools enable us to provide quality services across the world. By strategizing filings, optimizing budgets, planning international entry, and expediting processes, we help clients maximize business benefits from their patent filings.


    Our team comprises of bankable and expert patent attorneys with strong technological backing and experience in filing over 8,000 Patent applications in India and around the world.

    Our commitment to assist clients to acquire strong patents is fortified by our resolve to enable them to build a progressive patent portfolio to further their business goals. Our team’s experience in the filing of International Patents enables us to offer as yet unparalleled services for clients across the world.