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Freedom To Operate (FTO) Services by BananaIP

BananaIP provides comprehensive Freedom to Operate (FTO) services, designed to assist companies in determining if their products can be launched in specific markets without infringing on existing patents. Our services are crucial for identifying and mitigating any potential patent risks associated with new product launches. In instances where patent risks are identified, our experienced patent attorneys collaborate with clients to develop effective strategies to circumvent these risks, ensuring that products are clear of any foreseeable patent infringements.

Our attorneys, with over two decades of experience in the field, are the primary reason clients trust our FTO services. They possess a deep understanding of technology, combined with an awareness of business intricacies, which enables them to deliver high-quality FTO reports and patent risk mitigation strategies. Our team’s exceptional skills in patent searching allow us to conduct thorough searches to pinpoint potential risks. Additionally, our background in litigation equips us to analyze patents meticulously, assessing the nature and extent of any identified risks. This unique blend of experience, specialization, and technological insight sets us apart in providing detailed patent infringement assessments and FTO services.

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Our FTO Offerings


  • Patent Search and Analysis
  • FTO Opinion
  • Patent Infringement Opinion
  • Patent Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Patent work Around Strategies
  • Patent Risk Opinions

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Why Choose BananaIP for FTO Services?

BananaIP is a preferred choice for Freedom to Operate (FTO) services, offering expert opinions, detailed reports, and effective risk mitigation strategies. Clients choose us for several reasons:

  • Proven Track Record: We have a long history of assisting clients in launching products without patent risks.
  • Technological and Legal Expertise: Our patent attorneys not only have a strong background in technology but also possess deep insights into how courts interpret patent claims and their scope.
  • Litigation Experience: Having managed numerous patent litigations, our attorneys are skilled in identifying potential patent risks and suggesting effective mitigation strategies.
  • Comprehensive FTO Services: Beyond providing FTO opinions, we collaborate with clients to develop strategies to work around and circumvent any lingering patent risks.
  • Expert Patent Search Team: Our team excels in identifying potentially risky patents, thanks to their thorough and skilled patent searching capabilities.
  • Honest and Clear Guidance: We are committed to providing honest FTO opinions, focusing on clearing business and product risks for our clients.

Our dedication to these principles ensures that clients receive the highest quality FTO services, helping them to navigate the complex patent landscape confidently and securely.


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