Freedom To Operate (FTO) Analysis & Opinion

Freedom To Operate (FTO) Services

BananaIP offers FTO analysis and reports to help companies understand if a product has the freedom to operate in a given market, and whether the product can be launched without any risk of patent infringement. FTO analysis includes the following activities:

  • Identification of countries/jurisdictions for FTO analysis.
  • FTO search for patents relevant to the product.
  • Short listing of most relevant patents.
  • Patent infringement analysis of claims in each patent shortlisted.
  • FTO opinion based on the infringement analysis.
  • Legal Opinion with respect to patent infringement, which may be used in a Court

FTO opinions are regularly performed by companies before they launch a product in the market, and any FTO issues are resolved in consultation with the patent attorney. Quality FTO analysis and reports are provided by attorneys with strong technology and legal backgrounds.

The legal opinion given by a qualified and reputed attorney helps in mitigating risks in a patent infringement suit after the product is launched.

BananaIP’s head office is located in Bangalore and we provide Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Services in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, and across India.


Our Patent Team

BananaIP’s success is due to the exceptional talent, understanding, credentials and experience of its senior partners. Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, Nitin Nair, Somashekar Ramakrishna, Vinita Radhakrishnan and Sanjeeth Hegde are the firm’s core. They are what sets BananaIP apart from other IP firms or consultancies in India.

Each senior partner has carefully cultivated the expertise necessary to lead their practice areas through advanced education and qualifications; handpicked and groomed associates from the best law, technology, and management schools; and continuous quality and process improvements.

They have all held IP positions in North America, Europe, and Asia during their careers before founding BananaIP. Their collective qualifications, background, and expertise are unmatched in India.

Why BananaIP ?

BananaIP offers FTO analysis and reports to clients in various industries, including but not limited to, pharma, chemistry, electronics/telecom, manufacturing, automotive, AI, machine learning, IOT, and other sectors. The firm has highly qualified patent attorneys and has worked with more than 600 clients on various infringement related matters, including FTO analysis. BananaIP has the best team of Senior Partners in India and not only offers FTO reports, but also legal opinions on infringement and strategies to avoid infringement. This helps companies in mitigating patent risks in product launches.

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      BananaIP has an excellent team with an ability to understand complex technical aspects of innovations and, advise innovators on patentable claims. I am very impressed with their expertise.

      Dr. Abhay Karandikar ,

      Director - IIT Kanpur

      We at NSRCEL and IIMB have called upon Dr. Kalyan for professional support in a variety of ways and on numerous occasions. What has struck me in each of those instances is the readiness with which he has responded: Willingly, professionally. … We feel privileged and fortunate to know Dr. Kalyan and that we are able to draw on his knowledge, experience and insight freely.

      Professor Sabarinathan G. ,

      Chairperson, NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore

      A ‘personalised’ local support, understanding of nuances of different IP laws and a global operational reach make BananaIP, earlier Brain League, the guys to work with.

      Mr. Prakash ,

      Senior Advisor – Sun Mobility, Former R&D Head - Mahindra Reva