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Madhava Rao, Chief Financial Officer, BananaIP Counsels

Madhava Rao

Strategic Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Madhava Rao

  • Holds expertise in Intellectual Property Litigation Management and Dispute Resolution.
  • Proficient in handling Commercial Transactions and Compliance.
  • Specializes in Royalty Management and Taxation.

Mr. Madhava Rao K. is a strategic partner at BananaIP Counsels. He specializes in Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation, Budgeting, and financial planning. He also advises clients on IP taxation and royalty management.

Madhav has long term experience in accounting, asset management, tax planning, and legal compliance. Over the years, he has helped several IP and knowledge/technology driven companies plan, invest and maximize value from their intellectual assets. He has a Masters in Business Administration in financial planning and analysis from Nagarjuna University, and worked in the milk industry before joining Brain League, now BananaIP, in 2006.


  • Worked with leading authors, technology companies and e-commerce businesses on IP/Patent valuation projects.
  • Advised clients on taxation issues relating to intellectual property, patents, copyrights and trademarks.
  • Helps clients in royalty structuring, tracking and management.
  • Has experience of helping companies improve financial value of intellectual assets.
  • Manages portfolios of leading authors and writers.



  • Masters in Business Administration, Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh.


  • Follows current affairs and news very closely.
  • Enjoys movies.
  • Reads magazines and thriller novels.

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