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Mr. Nitin Nair, Senior Partner, BananaIP Counsels

Nitin Nair

Senior Partner

Nitin Nair

  • Nationally recognized Patent Agent/Attorney with specialization in Telecommunications, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.
  • Gained substantial experience as a patent agent and attorney representing numerous global Fortune 500 clients.
  • Significantly contributed to assisting various companies in IP mining, evaluating, safeguarding, and commercializing patents and inventions.

Nitin Nair works as a senior partner at BananaIP Counsels, a premier IP Firm based out of Bangalore. He heads the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Telecom Technology, Electronics / Electrical and IT/Software Patent Practice of the Firm. Prior to joining Brain League, now BananaIP, Nitin worked in wireless communications research in the United States. Nitin holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, USA, and is a registered patent agent.

Nitin Nair has extensive experience in patent filing and prosecution, patent searching & analytics and patent infringement/FTO analysis. He also has expertise in Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Technology Valuations. His department works with clients such as Samsung, IIT, Bombay, Emerson, Mahindra Electric, Sun Mobility, Vignan University and so on. Nitin has a dedicated team that focuses on novel/emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IOT, and Data Analytics. Over the years, Nitin has helped his clients file and secure patent grants over path breaking technologies that form part of several products in the market today. In addition to large companies, Nitin also helps Start-ups and SMEs protect their inventions and ideas.

Nitin’s prosecution team specializes in handling office actions and examination reports from patent offices effectively and efficiently to secure patent grants. His research and analytics team supplemented by the litigation team of the firm has over the years helped clients launch products by mitigating patent risks, and has also helped resolve disputes without resorting to costly litigation. Nitin has also helped clients with patent strength analysis for licensing and valuation.

Nitin Nair specializes in helping clients discover and identify ideas, inventions and products in the company that are capable of patent protection through patent mining and audit exercises. His patent audits have several advantages for clients such as creation of inventory of ideas/inventions capable of patent protection, increase of invention disclosures in the company, spreading IP awareness on a person to person basis, and establishing a well-defined process for maximizing patent filings and grants.

Nitin Nair works very closely with clients to understand their requirements and delivers in line with their expectations. His focus is on helping clients acquire quality patents that are capable of adding business and financial value. He reviews invention disclosures personally and interviews inventors to understand the invention and its nuances before determining and implementing the patent drafting strategy and filing the patent application. He personally reviews every report of his division and ensures that product launches are risk free, patent landscapes reflect the business context, and patentability is well analyzed. Nitin’s patent mining and audit reports are followed by a presentation and discussion with clients to devise a plan of action for taking advantage of the potential patents identified during his study.


  • 8+ years of hands on patent services experience ranging from patent research activities , patent drafting for a wide array of clients.
  • Hands-on technology experience in the wireless/telecommunications industry.
  • Worked with large technology/knowledge driven businesses, premier research/educational institutions, SMEs and also startups on a wide range of IP projects.
  • Instrumental in helping several companies excavate/manage their IPs through IP audits and strategic consulting.
  • Experience in conducting training sessions/counseling sessions in IP for educational institutions, research institutions and corporate.
  • Experience of Performing Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Technology Valuations for several clients.


  • PG Diploma – IPR, Patent Gurukul
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University
  • B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunications), Bombay University..


  • Patenting of software in India
  • The vital role played by IP in organizations



  • Airplanes
  • Photography (My pictures can be seen Flickr and Jetphotos)
  • Reading (favourite authors include James Michener, J R R Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Alistair MacLean, Nevil Shute and so on)

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