Launching Strategic Inventor – A Free DIY Platform/System to Draft and File Patents

BananaIP is happy to announce the launch of Strategic Inventor, a DIY platform, system and technology that enables inventors draft and file patents on their own. Strategic Inventor platform/technology may be used free of charge to draft as many applications as one wishes. All an inventor needs to do is register on the platform, and start using it once the registration is approved. By using the technology to draft patent applications, the inventor can do away with, or minimize the cost of acquiring patents.
Strategic Inventor

What does the technology do?

Strategic Inventor facilitates patent specification drafting through its step wise approach, simple and easy to follow guidelines, drafting inputs, and auto generation/creation of drafts. The technology may be used to draft both provisional and complete specifications. Different modules in the system provide inputs from different perspectives to the user. If an inventor wishes to contact an expert at any point of time during the process, she may do so by sending an email or filling a form. The technology also has an option to seek patent attorney review of the drafted patent specification for a fee.

Who may use Strategic Inventor?

While any person drafting a patent specification may use the platform/technology, Strategic Inventor may specifically be useful for:

  • Independent Inventors and Innovators
  • Professors, Researchers and Students
  • Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs
  • Universities and Research Institutions
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Companies with limited IP budgets

Pro Bono Initiative

Strategic Inventor is a pro bono initiative of BananaIP Counsels. It has been conceived, developed and made available as a part of the firm’s initiatives towards IP knowledge dissemination and empowerment. Through Strategic Inventor, BananaIP hopes to enable and empower inventors and others draft, file and acquire patents by themselves. By doing so, the firm seeks to increase and enhance patent filings in India. The technology is the subject of a patent filing, which is currently pending.
You may learn more about strategic inventor and start using the platform/technology at this link:

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