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Intellectual Property News and Analysis – Intellepedia

The Business of Building, Managing and Monetizing Intellectual Property Assets

Intellepedia Seminar - Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization

Today, Intellepedia successfully conducted  its yearly seminar on "Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization". In line with the tradition, the seminar brought together leading IP experts and senior management of companies to discuss business aspects of intellectual property, and ways to build, manage and commercialise IP assets. This year's seminar hosted two reputed IP professionals, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner of BananaIP Counsels, and Mr. Ram Sitaraman – Principal Engineer, Heading IPR at Mahindra & Mahindra. Representatives from more than 25 companies took part in the seminar, which witnessed discussions and exchanges pertaining to IP developments from...

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Eris Acquires Novartis’s Trademark, Harry’s Magic Through Pandora, Manipur Black Rice Gets GI and more

Weekly Trademark News

Harry’s Magic Through Pandora, Eris Acquires Novartis’s Trademark, China’s New Trademark Law, OYO Forays into Thailand, Qatar Tourism Council Dragged for Domain Dispute and more, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsel. INDIAN TRADEMARK UPDATES HUL’s Active Wheel Trademark Win Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), the FMCG market leader has filed for a trademark injunction restraining Sambhu Das, an individual from selling or marketing his detergent powder "ACTIVE SANGITA" in packets/labels in which HUL’s product "ACTIVE WHEEL" is sold. HUL claims that the packets, labels and/or cartons in which the "ACTIVE SANGITA" detergent powder is sold in the market are...

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Intellectual Property for Innovative Businesses – A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan delivers a talk on "Intellectual Property and Business"

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala delivered a talk at a seminar organized by Intellepedia titled “Building an Intellectual Property Framework for your Organization” on December 6th, 2019. In his talk, he spoke about Intellectual Property and Business and you can find the presentation below.   [slideshare id=201875928&doc=intellectualpropertyandbusiness-191205131627]   For more information on upcoming Intellectual Property Seminars visit www.bananaip.com/intellepedia....

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1008 More Renewal Notices Issued this Week, 30 Percent Decrease in TM Registrations this Week and more.

Trademark Statistics

30 Percent Decrease in TM Registrations this Week, 1008 More Renewal Notices Issued this Week and more. These statistics have been compiled from the official journal of the trademark office published weekly on Mondays. INDIAN TRADEMARK STATISTICS Last week, the Indian Trademark Office had an overall decrease in its working capacity as can be seen from the statistics in the table below. The total number of registrations granted has decreased by thirty percent (30%). Similarly, the total number of applications published in the trademark journal have decreased by eight percent (8%), with an increase of thirty seven percent (37%) in the total...

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Massive increase in early publication of patent applications

weekly patent news - Patent statistics

This week’s Patent & Design data has been compiled from the Official Journal of the Patents and Designs Office published by the patent office on the 29thof November 2019. These statistics are presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Intellectual Property Firm. INDIAN PATENT STATISTICS A total of 846 patent applications have been published in the 48th issue of the Patent Journal, 2019. Out of the 846 applications published in the journal, 240 applications account for early publications while 606 applications account for ordinary publications or publications occurring after the 18 – month period. A total...

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Burn Rate, a gripping and insightful novel by Prof Jon M. Garon

Burn Rate by Prof Jon M. Garon

We live and thrive around the fear and excitement of the unknown, the uncertain and the unpredictable. The AI age is on us, and one cannot help wondering where it might take us. While lawyers debate about how law should respond to developments in AI, technologists are busy Taking long strides, every step taking them away from legal coverage. Professor Jon Garon's 'Burn Rate' is a fast paced crime and corporate thriller that delves into many technological issues plaguing our minds through a thrilling and entertaining story. The novel starts with the meticulously planned murder of Jeff Devon, CEO of Menoetius...

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IPO-JPO Patent Prosecution Highway guidelines, New Manual of Patent Office Practice and Procedure and more

India and foreign patent news

In this week’s Patent News - IPO publishes Guidelines for IPO-JPO Patent Prosecution Highway pilot project, IPO publishes new Manual of Patent Office Practice and Procedure, Nike and Handsfree Labs sign patent licensing agreement, EPO and INPI Brazil sign Reinforced Technical and Strategic Partnership and other news updates. INDIA PATENT NEWS IPR 2.0: Need of the hour, says Piyush Goyal Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry & Minister of Railways, recently attended the inauguration of the Global Exhibition on Services (GES 2019), in Bangalore. While addressing the gathering at the event, the Minister said that it was time to update the...

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The Dance of Intellectual Property

Dancing with Intellectual Property

"The body says what words cannot." - Martha Graham Dancers express ideas, stories, feelings, thoughts, etc., by movements, static or dynamic. They express and interact through their body, often accompanied by music, in artistic costumes, settings and lighting. A dance performance integrates several elements of creativity, many of which are protectable as intellectual property in the form of copyrights, industrial designs, and patents. Representations used by dancers can be protected as trademarks, and their identity under the publicity rights regime. Protecting IP provides dancers, choreographers, dance musicians, artists and lighting experts, the opportunity to license, merchandise and commercialise their work. In today's business...

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Facebook Acquires VR Game Studio, Germany’s Ecommerce Estimated to Hit Euro 68 Billion, Viacom Launches Branded Ecommerce Sites and more.

E commerce and Licensing

Facebook Acquires VR Game Developer Studio; App-Based Bus Aggregator Shuttl Raises USD 36 Million; Germany’s Ecommerce Estimated to Hit Euro 68 Billion by 2019; Pinterest Launches Online Shopping Feature for Small Businesses; Musician Gene Simmons and IMG Ink Licensing Deal; Viacom Launches SpongeBob and MTV Branded Ecommerce Sites and more. Facebook Acquires VR Game Developer Studio Video game developer Beat Games, known for its popular virtual reality game Beat Saber, is being acquired by social media giant Facebook. Beat Games will now become part of Oculus Studios, Facebook’s virtual reality gaming group. According to Oculus, this move is to offer more development...

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Pharmaceutical Companies Discuss Antitrust Probe with US, CCI’s Investigation into Bearings Manufacturers, European Union Leads Global Antitrust Influence and more.

Israeli Start-Up Boosted by Investment of USD 109 Million; Pharmaceutical Companies Discuss Antitrust Probe with US; US Lawmakers Looking to Consider Privacy Lapses in Antitrust Cases; German Cartel Office Fines Carmakers Over Antitrust Practices; CCI’s Investigates Price Collusion by Bearings Manufacturers in India; European Union Leads the Way in Global Antitrust Influence and more. Israeli Start-Up Boosted by Investment of USD 109 Million Israeli start-up Vayyar, which builds radar-imaging chips and sensors and associated software that effectively detect and track images from their surrounding while maintaining the privacy of individuals being tracked, has received a Series D investment of a total of...

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