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Intellectual Property News and Analysis – Intellepedia

WIPO gears up to appoint its 5th Director General, IP5 discuss New Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence and other patent news

Weekly Patent News

In this week’s Patent News - Citrix and VMware to settle patent dispute; Michelin sues American tire manufacturer for patent infringement of BFGoodrich tread; Hitachi joins WIPO GREEN program as Contributing Partner; Apple, Microsoft, BMW and several others urge EU Commissioner to keep patent trolls in check; WIPO gears up to appoint its 5th Director General; IP5 hold inaugural meeting of joint Task Force on New Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence; IBM joins LOT Network to fight PAE’s; IBM beats own record, receives highest number of Patent Grants for 27th consecutive year and other patent news updates. Patent Disputes / Infringements...

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A Whooping increase of 212% Trademark Applications Examined this Week.

A Whooping increase of 212 percent in total number of trademark applications examined, a decrease of 2882 in the total hearing notices issued by trademark office and more. These statistics have been compiled from the official journal of the trademark office published weekly on Mondays. INDIAN TRADEMARK STATISTICS Last week, the Indian Trademark Office had a mixed week in its working capacity as can be seen from the statistics in the table below. The total number of trademark applications examined by trademark office has tremendously increased by two hundred and twelve percent (212%). Similarly, there has been an increase of fifty-seven (57%)...

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Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Security System Severely Criticised, Flipkart and Amazon under Investigation by CCI, Facebook Restructures its Privacy Features and more

Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Security System Severely Criticised; Flipkart and Amazon under CCI Investigation; Genentech Settles Trade Secret Lawsuit; FTC and DOJ Invite Public Comments for Draft 2020 VMG; Privacy Scandals Compel Facebook to Rework its Security Features and more. Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Security System Severely Criticised ‘Ring’, the home security company Amazon bought in 2018, has been criticised by  more than 30 civil rights organisations for arranging secretive deals with hundreds of police departments across the country. Amazon’s top hardware executive believe that the partnerships with over 400 police and fire departments around the US is good for the neighbourhoods and gives law enforcement officials...

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Forever21 To Enter eCommerce Market, Amazon Partners with India’s Future Retail, Music Streaming in US Crosses 1 Trillion Streams and more

E commerce and Licensing

eCommerce Companies in India Face New Challenges; Amazon Issues Security Warning for Honey Browser Extension; Forever21 To Enter eCommerce Market; Amazon Partners with India’s Future Retail; AIMRA Demands Price Equality from Mobile Manufacturers; Music Streaming in US Crosses 1 Trillion Streams and more. eCommerce Companies in India Face New Challenges Fitch Solutions, a financial risk management firm, released a statement last week outlining key concerns that are relevant to international eCommerce players in India. It said that a new eCommerce policy is in the works and is expected to take effect in March. The government has been mulling the idea of...

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Puma’s Floral Collaboration, Trademark Holder Feev Guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and more

Puma’s Floral Collaboration, MP’s Sweet Delicacy “Morena Gajak” Filed for GI, Candy Breakfast with Hershey’s and more, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsel. INDIAN TRADEMARK UPDATES Hatsun’s Arokya Defeats Arogya Hatsun Agro Product Ltd, a popular dairy company based in Chennai, filed for a permanent trademark injunction to restrain A.Z. Arogya Milk, a proprietorship firm in Chennai from using the mark “AZ AROGYA” for milk. Hatsun, the registered owners of the mark ‘AROKYA’ since 1994 has filed this suit alleging that the latter has adopted a similar mark with the intention of deceiving the public and to also...

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Affidavit Filed to Dismiss Chhapaak Lawsuit, YouTube’s Takedown System Criticised, Miley Cyrus Reportedly Settles Copyright Lawsuit, AI Generated Article Granted Copyright and more

Copyright and Entertainment Law News

Affidavit Filed to Dismiss Infringement Suit Against Chhapaak; YouTube’s Takedown System- A Hassle for Content Creators; Miley Cyrus Reportedly Settles Copyright Infringement Lawsuit; New York’s MTA Issues Copyright Infringement Notice to Mapmaker; Shenzhen Court Grants Copyright to AI Generated Article; Supreme Cites ‘Fair Use’ Defence in Infringement Suit and more. Affidavit Filed to Dismiss Infringement Suit Against Chhapaak Meghna Gulzar, producer of the movie ‘Chhapaak’ filed an affidavit in the Bombay High Court in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against her, by Rakesh Bharti who claimed that he had acquired the rights to produce a film based on a story similar to...

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Slow down hits patent office – Patent grants and publications decrease last week

weekly patent news - Patent statistics

This week’s Patent & Design data has been compiled from the Official Journal of the Patents and Designs Office published by the patent office on the 10th of January 2020. These statistics are presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Intellectual Property Firm. Indian Patent Statistics A total of 873 patent applications have been published in the 2nd issue of the Patent Journal, 2020. Out of the 873 applications published in the journal, 133 applications account for early publications while 740 applications account for ordinary publications or publications occurring after the 18 – month period. A...

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2019 Intellectual Property Statistics in India – Up, Up and away!

Intellectual Property Statistics 2019 for patents, industrial designs, copyrights, trademarks and geographical indications

For many, 2019 appeared to be a tumultuous year, legally and politically, while for others it was a year of radical but welcome changes. The view remains divided. Intellectual Property in India however, appears to have had a reasonably good year saving some deeply tragic losses such as that of IP luminary, Prof. Shamnad Basheer. In this post, we bring to you a recap of the patent statistics from 2019 and a comparison of these numbers with the statistics from 2017 and 2018. The data provided herein is calculated for the respective calendar years (January to December). The data is likely...

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Patents & Industrial Designs Statistics 2019 – A look back


Firstly, congratulations are in order to the Patent Office and the office of the CGPDTM for its stellar performance in disposing of patent applications and bringing down the total pendency of patent applications in 2019. As recently as 2 years ago, the patent office suffered with a massive backlog of patent applications which was extremely frustrating to a patent applicant, however timely actions such as the recruitment of additional examiners, streamlining of patent office practice and procedures have borne fruit.  Patent statistics summary (1st January 2019 – 31st December 2019) Total applications Published 49351 Indian resident applicants 15466 Delhi 1889 Mumbai 1692 Bangalore 1651 Chennai 1637 Pune 1118 Hyderabad 812 Kolkata 338 Total Patents Granted 23527 Delhi 8925 Chennai 7578 Mumbai 3763 Kolkata 3261 Total applications examined 83226 Delhi 31314 Mumbai 27870 Kolkata 13108 Chennai 10934 In 2019, a total...

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2019 Trademark Statistics – A Recap

2019 Trademark Statistics - A Recap Trademark Statistics from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 Particulars 2019 Total Number of Trademark Applications Filed 336,194 Total Number of Trademark Applications Examined 384,725 Total Number of Trademark Applications Published 380,922 Total Number of Trademark Applications Registered 302,816 Yearly Trademark Statistics – A Comparison Particulars 2017 2018 2019 Percentage Change(2018-19) Total Number of Trademark Applications Filed 253,906 311,078 336,194 An increase of 8% Total Number of Trademark Applications Examined 377,710 370,015 384,725 An increase of 4% Total Number of Trademark Applications Published 389,428 429,440 380,922 A decrease of 11% Total Number of Trademark Applications Registered 331,669 348,556 302,816 A decrease of 13% As we can see from the table above, there has been an increase of 8% in the total number of new trademark applications filed in the year 2019...

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