Upcoming Event: Protecting IP through online enforcement

BananaIP Counsels, through Intellepedia, is happy to announce a webinar titled “Protecting IP through online enforcement”, an online event for content producers, trademark owners, and other IP owners.
Individuals, and companies of all sizes, create intellectual property and make it available online in many ways including by selling products, offering mobile apps, or publishing pictures and videos. With the internet becoming the primary mode of content sharing at present, content creators commonly face situations in which their intellectual property is infringed by third parties. Such infringement may be through unauthorized use of pictures, videos, music, or text content, or the use of brand names and logos that closely resemble the original. Such infringement is commonly seen on a variety of online sources, ranging from eCommerce platforms and app stores, to personal blogs, social media platforms, and media sharing sites.
The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the various means through which IP may be infringed online, and how to enforce IP rights when owners came across instances of infringement. Most platforms are required to have a take down system in place, and this course is intended to provide an understanding of the process by which IP rights may be enforced using such systems, and what further action can be taken.
Target Audience
While anyone interested may join the course, the course is primarily meant for:

  1. Original content producers, such as photographers, writers, educational institutions.
  2. Producers of original music and video content
  3. Trademark owners


Join us on Thursday, 23rd April, 2020 at 3 pm.

The link to the webinar is available here.

Zoom Meeting ID: 954 4876 8683

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