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The Business of Intellectual Property For Start-ups

Intellectual Property is an important business tool in the hands of Start Ups and small companies. Its value  assumes higher importance  during a crisis. As many businesses work hard to survive the  crisis posed by the COVID pandemic, the crisis has opened   new avenues to  innovative and creative Start Ups. Start Ups that are able to build strong and valuable IP during this time, whether related to COVID or not, have a unique opportunity to succeed and thrive. In order to  build IP and take advantage of it, Start Ups must know what IP they have, how to protect/build it, and...

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Intellepedia Presents a Seminar on Intellectual Property for Business and Financial Benefit

Intellectual Property for Business and Financial Benefit

We’re holding a half day IP seminar, Intellectual Property for Business and Financial Benefit on February 14th at BananaIP Counsels in Bangalore. Spaces are reserved exclusively for Senior-level individuals, R&D Leaders, Technology and Innovation Driven Startups. How to take advantage of IP in today’s business context in India? Intellectual Property has today emerged as an important business tool in India. From financial  valuation and increasing business revenues to gaining business advantage and market share, IP is being used effectively by large and small companies as well as startups to gain business and  competitive advantage. The increase in number of patent, trademark, industrial...

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Extracting IP Value

This post was first published on May 10, 2011.   Intellectual Property (IP) plays a very important role in providing competitive and business advantage to a company. In order to maximize competitive advantage, a company must make the best and most of its intellectual assets. Extracting optimal value from IP does not start or end with protection. During a recent talk at a gathering of about fifty leading Indian companies, ninety percent of them stated that emphasis is always on protection and not much beyond that. The emphasis on protection is good for companies that never thought about IP ten years back...

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IP Audits/Mining and Business Value- A Presentation by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala at CII

The image says IP Audits/Mining and Business Value. The post contains a presentation made on the same. Please click to read more.

The following presentation titled “IP Audits/Mining and Business Value”, was delivered Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala (Managing Partner, BananaIP Counsels) at a conference on intellectual property management organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The presentation was given to an audience consisting of participants from MNCs, corporates, MSMEs, innovation, IPR research and consulting firms / institutes, R&D companies, IP consultants, academic institutions, scientists etc. The presentation covered the following topics. Just One Layer Experience of IP Audits Purpose of IP Audits IP Audit at a Start-up IP Audits for SMEs IP Audit for a MNC IP Audit as a Tool Creativity...

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Valuation of IP: Arriving at a Number

Intellectual Property can provide business and competitive value to a business if it is identified at the right time, appropriately protected, strategically used in business and marketing, properly asserted and carefully maintained and managed. A business that takes all the said steps with respect to its patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, industrial designs and other forms of IP in an integrated manner builds value for its IP and business. In technology, knowledge and creativity driven companies, IP forms substantial portion of financial value of businesses. By its nature, it is logical to state that IP adds value to a business, but...

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