Intellepedia Presents a Seminar on Intellectual Property for Business and Financial Benefit

We’re holding a half day IP seminar, Intellectual Property for Business and Financial Benefit on February 14th at BananaIP Counsels in Bangalore. Spaces are reserved exclusively for Senior-level individuals, R&D Leaders, Technology and Innovation Driven Startups.

How to take advantage of IP in today’s business context in India?

Intellectual Property has today emerged as an important business tool in India. From financial  valuation and increasing business revenues to gaining business advantage and market share, IP is being used effectively by large and small companies as well as startups to gain business and  competitive advantage. The increase in number of patent, trademark, industrial design and copyright filings in 2019 indicate the increase in value being given by businesses to different forms of IP. The tightening of enforcement mechanisms, progress of judicial understanding, and implementation of transparent and efficient systems augur well for technology and knowledge driven companies in India. Simply put, the IP ecosystem in India is now  most suitable than ever before, and  provides the environment for business benefit.
This specially designed session, led by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, a well known IP leader in India, provides unique insights into the progress of the IP system and strategies for business/competitive advantage. Among others, the session will cover  the following questions:

  1. How should companies look at IP in today’s business context?
  2. What has changed over the last five years and where does the IP system in India stand today?
  3. What are some common strategies adopted by businesses to take advantage of IP in India?
  4. How should companies and startups strategize their IP protection, management and commercialization?
  5. How can you gain financial benefits from your IP?
  6. What goes into IP planning and commercialization?
  7. Is IP really worth the effort?
  8. How to use others’ IP without getting into trouble?
  9. How to stop competitors from using your IP?
  10. What are some simple steps companies can take without approaching attorneys?


Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan, holds advanced IP degrees from the world’s leading law institutions, National Law School of India University, Bangalore and Franklin Pierce Law Center USA

  • Recognized among the top IP minds of India
  • Has advised more than 1000 clients on IP matters
  • Internationally cited IP attorney and strategist

Take Aways for Registrants

  • Unique insights into the  IP system in India and strategies to take advantage of it
  • Opportunity to interact with leading IP attorneys and experts in India
  • Preferential treatment for IP filings


About BananaIP

After 15-years of IP services and excellence, BananaIP is recognized as a pioneer in the evolution of IP in India through high quality services, law, and policy contributions, highly cited publications, and proactive technology integration.
With a team of more than 60 legal and technical professionals, BananaIP is one of the largest IP firms in India today. We serve more than 600 clients and have managed more than 20,000 files or projects. We’ve counselled more than200 start-ups and numerous individual entrepreneurs. We also have published ten IP books and more than 5,000 articles on leading online forums, journals, magazines, and publishers. Our home IP publication, Intellepedia, is recognized as one of the world’s top 10 IP blogs and is a primary reference source for in house counsels, legal professionals, and academics.

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