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Intellectual Property News and Analysis – Intellepedia

Weekly Entertainment Law News: TikTok in Content Ownership Controversy, Musician Sues “Baby Shark” Producers, and more

Another Content Ownership Controversy for TikTok, Copyright Office: No License Required for Use of Songs in Marriages, Musician Sues “Baby Shark” Producers for Copyright Infringement, Producer Sues Drake for Copyright Infringement of Beats, RIAA Refuses to Share “Six-Strikes” Results with Cox, Eminem’s Publisher Sues Spotify for Copyright Infringement, and more. National News Another Content Ownership Controversy for TikTok Online video-sharing platform TikTok has found itself in the middle of a content ownership controversy yet again. TikTok had sent takedown notices to social networking platform ShareChat, asking ShareChat to remove content in which TikTok claimed copyright ownership.  However, ShareChat has sent   a letter to...

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IP, Privacy and Antitrust This Week: Publishers Sue Audible, Google Ends Mobile Network Insights, Qualcomm to Keep “No License, No Chip” Policy, and more

Publishers Sue Audible over New Speech to Text Feature, Facebook Wins Appeal Against German Anti-Trust Order, Google Ends Mobile Network Insights for Telecom Operators, TikTok Warns Against Predators, CCI Orders Probe into Intel’s Warranty Policies in India, Qualcomm Wins Stay Order to Keep “No License, No Chip” Policy, and more. Publishers Sue Audible over New Speech to Text Feature Major publishers have jointly filed a copyright infringement suit in a New York Court against Amazon’s audio book company, Audible. They claim that Audible’s new Text-to-Speech feature called Audible Captions, is in clear violation of copyright law. The feature uses artificial intelligence...

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Weekly Trademark News Bulletin: Titan Wins Counterfeit Battle, 5 Mizo Shawls Gets GI Tag, PUMA Sprints for Dutee Chand and Other News

Weekly Trademark News

Trademark News Headlines: Haldiram’s Acquires 100 Crore Franchise, Tom Brady’s Trademark Denied Registration, Miniso Enters Marvel Galaxy, 5 Mizo Shawls Gets GI Tag and more, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsel. INDIAN TRADEMARK UPDATES TITAN Wins Counterfeit Battle Titan Company Limited filed a trademark infringement suit against counterfeit sellers, and Snapdeal, an online e-commerce player, alleging the sale of counterfeit/infringing Fastrack branded watches on their website. It is also alleged that Snapdeal did not take down various listings despite being notified by Titan. The Delhi High Court passed an ex-parte ad-interim injunction restraining the sellers from marketing, selling...

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Trademark News Bulletin: Indian Trademark Statistics

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These statistics have been compiled from the official journal of the trademark office published weekly on Mondays. INDIAN TRADEMARK STATISTICS The Indian Trademark Office has had a mixed week. The total number of applications published in the trademark journal have decreased by forty one percent (41%). However, there has been an increase of forty one percent (41%) in the total applications published in the trademark journal, and also an increase of only ninety percent (90%) in the total applications disposed through show cause hearings. Weekly Indian Trademark Statistics Particulars Last Week This Week Change in % Total Trademark Applications Examined by Trademark Office 8444 12424 An increase of 47% Total Applications Disposed...

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Part IV: Descriptive Marks – Can They be Protected?

The image reads Trademarks. The post is about interesting development in trademark law. Click on the image to read the full post.

This post was first published on October 16, 2014.


In the final part of this series, we shall conclude the discussion on descriptive marks with an examination of the Indian position on the protection of these marks. Section 9 of the Trademark Act, 1999 which lays down absolute grounds for refusal of registration of trademarks, clearly states that trademarks which consist exclusively of marks or indications, which may serve in trade to designate the kind, quality, quantity, intended purpose, values, geographical origin or the time of production of the goods or rendering of the service or other characteristics of the goods or service shall not be registered. This provision applies to marks that are both descriptive and non-distinctive in relation to the goods or services for which protection is sought. While analyzing a mark, one has to look at the word, not in its strict grammatical significance, but as it would represent itself to the public at large who are to look at it and form an opinion of what it connotes, as observed in Keystone Knitting Mills Ltd.’s TM [(1928) 45 RPC 193].

Weekly Patent News Bulletin: Qualcomm and L.G Electronics sign patent license agreement, New Balance sues Nautica and more

India and foreign patent news

Patent News Headlines: Kochi based incubation center Maker Village wins 'Incubation Center of the Year' award, Famed Shoemaker, New Balance alleges design infringement by well known lifestyle brand Nautica, Qualcomm and L.G Electronics sign new patent license agreement, Hytera’s Motion to Dismiss patent infringement suit fails in US Court and more patent news. India Patent News Updates IPPOF awards Maker Village for being an outstanding incubation center in the field of Intellectual Property The IP Promotion Outreach Foundation (IPPOF) presented an award to Maker Village, India’s biggest electronic hardware incubation center based in Kochi, for its incomparable contribution in the field of Intellectual...

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Interesting Patents and Inventions of the week

Interesting inventions of the week

This week's interesting inventions have been identified  and extracted from the 34th issue of the Patent Journal, 2019. This information is presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Interesting Inventions of the Week Invention 1 : BRAILLE TABLET Patent Applicant – RAI, Khushwant Patent Application No.  – 201811035031 A Abstract – “The present invention relates to a new technology Braille Pad or tablet for reading Braille script output on an electronic tablet comprising a touch screen on the front side wherein touch screen is used to operate the tablet and take input data using multilingual text...

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Patent News Bulletin: Indian Patent Statistics and Industrial Design Statistics

weekly patent news - Patent statistics

These statistics have been compiled from the official journal of the patents and designs office published weekly on Fridays. These statistics are presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. Indian Patent Statistics A total of 732 patent applications have been published in the 34th issue of the Patent Journal, 2019. Out of the 732 applications published in the journal, 98 applications account for early publications while 643 applications account for ordinary publications or publications occurring after the 18 – month period. A total of 535 applications have been granted last week as compared...

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BananaIP’s corporate training for Inventors and R&D personnel

Intellectual Property Training for Organizations

BananaIP conducted a customized corporate IP training program for inventors on 23rd August . The schedule of the training program was as follows. S.No Topic Particulars 1. Inventing and IP Protection - how does the game work? Providing inventors an understanding of the interface between the inventing and IP/ Patent process and related outcomes. 2. The role of the inventor in the patent system. Role played by an inventor in a company in the context of the patent system. 3. Thinking about patentable inventions. Providing inventors with the tools required to come up with inventions that are patentable and beneficial. The session will focus on patentability requirements and analysis of inventions for...

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Copyright and eCommerce Law News: Apple Sues Corellium for Copyright Infringement, YouTube Sues Copyright Troll for Extortion, US Govt Supports Led Zepplin in Infringement Case and more

Delhi HC Issues Order Against Piracy Sites; Season 2 of Netflix Original Sacred Games Subject to Rampant Piracy; Apple Sues Corellium for Copyright Infringement; YouTube Sues Copyright Troll for Extortion; US Govt Supports Led Zepplin in Infringement Case; Pakistan Bans Sale of Indian Film CDs; CBS and Viacom Merge to Form ViacomCBS; YouTube Updates Policy to Protect Content Creators from False Copyright Claims; Porsche Taycan to Stream Apple Music directly into the car; Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to be Restructured as e-Commerce Platform; Fintech Firm Suvidhaa to Enter E-Commerce Market; Bytedance Remodels Smartisan’s e-Commerce Platform and more. NATIONAL NEWS Delhi HC Issues Order...

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