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For most people, an ideal day begins with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. The blog that we bring to you today is rather unique in its concept and content. It gives you the exact feel of sipping coffee while updating yourself with the latest IP news. Often featured as one of the top pharma blogs, Patent Baristas serves its readers with some “patent chat over a steaming cup of Coffee.”  Patent Baristas is an intellectual property news and commentary weblog which features fresh news on patent and IP issues, particularly in the field of biosciences.

Stephen Jenei, the founder of Patent Baristas refers to himself as the Chief Barista of the blog. The blog was launched in the year 2005, which makes the blog a decade old. The blog has been remarkably synonymous with quality since its inception. Besides patent law and litigation issues, the blog covers items relating to building a bioscience business, nanotechnology, technology transfer, orange book filings as well as FTC and FDA regulatory matters.

The weblog has a Global rank of 2,808,812 and is immensely popular in the US.  It also receives over 60,000 visits and over 160,000 page views a month globally. The articles on the blog use simple language enabling a reader to understand the core issues in an easy manner. Particularly with respect to the pharma or biosciences related articles, the blog does a commendable job in putting up an article that is equally understood by all, irrespective of whether the reader is  aware of pharma technology or not. As a subscriber to the blog, I am compelled to make my unhappiness known. The blog has been cold for some time now and I am really looking forward to my fresh brew of IP news from the blog.

Keeping this fact aside, I must however once again commend the blog for its efforts and persistence in sharing the IP news and views with its readers. Based on the last updated article on the blog, the article suggests that the Baristas have been nominated to the 2015 Best Legal Blog Contest organized by “The Expert Institute.” We wish the blog the best from SiNApSE for the same.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney, Best Selling Author and Founder of BananaIPoffered his comments on the blog and said that:

“Patent Baristas brings freshly brewed IP news and updates to its readers with a coffee like touch. It is one of the best IP blogs with respect to news on pharma and biosciences.

We at BananaIP Blog would like to commend Stephen for his commitment and dedication towards sharing knowledge.”

For those addicted to coffee, I presume that you understand the “stingitch” (Yup, that’s a totally made up word!) of skipping your daily dose of caffeine. This is akin to what the daily readers of Patent Barista are probably feeling at the moment. Nevertheless, with the hope that this post will soon be followed up by a new brew on the Patent Baristas weblog, we wish it all the success and growth for the future.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra

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