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Delhi High Court seeks Prof. Arul George Scaria's Opinion on use of Music in Marriage Ceremonies

Delhi High Court seeks Prof. Arul George Scaria’s Opinion on use of Music in Marriage Ceremonies

In a case between Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and Lookpart Exhibitions And Events Private  Limited, Justice Pratibha Singh of the Delhi High Court has sought an expert opinion from Professor Arul George Scaria on the legislative history and scope of Section 52(1)(za) of the Copyright Act. The specific question  raised is whether use of music in marriage ceremonies and social events is exempted under Section 52(1)(za), and whether such a use may be considered as fair use. The provision reads as…

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Tribunal reforms & Copyright Act

Vitiation of IPAB and Beyond – What changes under the Copyright Act now?

The President of India on fourth of April 2021 promulgated “The Tribunals Reforms (Rationalization and Conditions of Service) Ordinance 2021”. This Ordinance abolishes the various tribunals set up under the following acts: THE CINEMATOGRAPH ACT, 1952 THE COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957 THE CUSTOMS ACT, 1962 THE PATENTS ACT, 1970 THE AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA ACT, 1994 THE TRADE MARKS ACT, 1999 THE GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS OF GOODS (REGISTRATION…

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The featured image shows a closed signboard. Th image has been used in consonance with the closure of the Tribunals through TRIBUNALS REFORMS (RATIONALISATION AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE) ORDINANCE, 2021

President promulgates Tribunals reforms Ordinance, IPAB goes defunct with immediate effect

The President of India on the 4th of April 2021 promulgated the “THE TRIBUNALS REFORMS (RATIONALISATION AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE) ORDINANCE, 2021 ”. With the passing of this ordinance, Tribunals set up under the Cinematograph Act, 1952, the Customs Act, 1962, the Airports Authority of India Act, 1994, the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001 and certain other Acts have now effectively been rendered defunct with immediate effect. The ordinance has…

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Intellectual Property Statistics 2020 (India)

PATENTS A total of 70,924  patent applications were examined in 2020 as opposed to the total of 83,226 patent applications examined in 2019. The total number of grants in 2020 also shot up by as much as 12% in comparison to the total number of grants in 2019. The patent office on an average examined and issued 194 first examination reports (FERs) per day. Particulars 2018 2019 2020 Applications Published 38961 49351 51325 Granted 13813 23257 26309 Examined 81406 83226 70924 INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS 2020 certainly appears to have been a great year for Industrial designs. A total…

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Weekly Patent News

Changes to UK IP Law from 1st January 2021, Indian Designs added to WIPO Global Design Database, AI related patent applications double and more

In this week’s Patent News – Indian Designs added to WIPO Global Design Database; EPO invalidates Amgen’s patent claims protecting drug - Praluent, rules in favor of Sanofi and Regeneron; TikTok Inc. files suit for declaratory relief against Triller; Jury verdict directs Apple to pay $500 million to VirnetX by way of damages; UK IPO publishes information on the changes to UK intellectual property law from 1st January 2021; USPTO hosts ID5 6th Annual Meeting, commemorates the 5th anniversary of…

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Intellectual Property Statistics 2019 for patents, industrial designs, copyrights, trademarks and geographical indications

2019 Intellectual Property Statistics in India – Up, Up and away!

For many, 2019 appeared to be a tumultuous year, legally and politically, while for others it was a year of radical but welcome changes. The view remains divided. Intellectual Property in India however, appears to have had a reasonably good year saving some deeply tragic losses such as that of IP luminary, Prof. Shamnad Basheer. In this post, we bring to you a recap of the patent statistics from 2019 and a comparison of these numbers with the statistics…

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Dance’s Literary and Dramatic Aspects: From Yakshagana Ballet to Yaksharanga

Academy of General Edu., Manipal Vs. Malini Mallya In a case involving Yakshagana, a form of ballet dance, the Supreme Court pointed out that literary and dramatic works acquire distinctive protection under the Indian Copyright Act. It stated that script of a drama acquires protection as a literary work, and that includes dramatic literature in its fold. However, dance, choreography, scenic arrangements and other aspects of ballet like works will be considered as dramatic works. Simply put, the script of…

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Digital Rights Management

This post was first published on December 24, 2014.   Laws alone cannot eliminate copyright infringements. For the Copyright Law to take its course, there have to be effective detection of infringements and identification of infringers. Furthermore, as with any property rights, owners of copyrighted content have to take certain measures to protect their copyrights before expecting law enforcement to aid them. DRMs and ETMs are such measures a copyright owner is expected to take in order to protect his copyrights…

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This Image depicts the clip art of 'This is the best idea i've heard all decade. This Image is relevant as the article deals with the Protecting Ideas in Entertainment Industry. Click on this Image for more Information.

Ideas, Concepts, Scripts & Stories – Protecting Ideas in the Entertainment Industry Part I

This post was first published on 23rd April, 2014.   An idea may be defined as a thought, which cannot be seen, touched or heard. In other words, an idea is entirely intangible in nature. Ideas can be kept secret or commercially exploited, but to gain protection, they need to satisfy the threshold of originality and novelty. Even though ideas act as catalysts for various Intellectual Property protections, by themselves, they are not qualified to obtain protection. Since an idea, taken at face value, does not fulfill the requirements…

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Copyright and Entertainment Laws News

Madras HC Prohibits Unauthorised Use of Ilaiyaraja’s Songs; DIPP Releases Draft Copyright (Amendment) Rules, Blackbeard Video Dispute Before SCOTUS, and more

  Madras HC Prohibits Unauthorised Use of Ilaiyaraja’s Songs; DIPP Releases Draft Copyright (Amendment) Rules, 2019; Bharat Leaked Online by Tamilrockers; Kawhi Leonard Sues Nike for Copyright Infringement; SCOTUS to Hear Copyright Dispute over Blackbeard Footage; Kanye West and Kid Cudi Claim Sampling is Fair Use; The Penny Hoarder Sues the Smart Wallet; Nickelodeon to Make Baby Shark Animated Series; YouTube Begins Disallowing Younger Minors from Live Streaming; ICC Partners with Social Media to Digitally Connect with Fans, and more. Copyright Quote…

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