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Job Opening - IP Associate

Exciting Career Opportunity at BananaIP Counsels: IP Associate Position

Are you a skilled lawyer with a deep-seated interest in Intellectual Property Law? Then, we have the perfect opportunity for you! BananaIP Counsels, a leading Intellectual Property (IP) firm, is actively seeking to expand our talented team with individuals who are passionate about IP Law. We have immediate openings for the role of IP Associate within our dynamic IP Strategy and Legal Advisory team. About the Role Job Title: Intellectual Property (IP) Associate Department: IP Strategy and Legal Advisory (Including…

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The featured image shows a sign board with the words Intellectual Property written on a green background. The post is about the weekly warm up . To know more, please click here.

Open Spaces and Closed Minds

Are IP attorneys expected to behave in a particular way? Always formal, poker faced and polished? Why are we driven by these unsaid, yet strictly imposed, diligently followed and unbelievably fettered, so called "professional etiquette." I feel suffocated and wrongfully restrained by these norms, and wonder if all attorneys have to live with them for a life time. Shedding some of those chains, I am sharing one of my more light-hearted experiences as a patent attorney. I hope you will enjoy it.…

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Intellepedia - IP News Updates

World’s Best IP Blogs: Patent Baristas

For most people, an ideal day begins with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. The blog that we bring to you today is rather unique in its concept and content. It gives you the exact feel of sipping coffee while updating yourself with the latest IP news. Often featured as one of the top pharma blogs, Patent Baristas serves its readers with some “patent chat over a steaming cup of Coffee.”  Patent Baristas is an intellectual property news and…

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