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An Effective Method Towards the Protection of IP

The image depicts a hand holding a cut out piece of paper containing the Pirate Bay logo.

This post was first published on 5th July, 2012.   John Doe orders are generally issued against someone whose identity is unknown. This is usually served to online service providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to obtain the identity of the author of an anonymous post. In the current instance John Doe orders were obtained by 'Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt' to block websites containing file sharing links, such as 'Pirate Bay' and 'Vimeo'. Recently, the producers of the Tamil films “3” and  “Dammu” had obtained similar orders. However, in these cases the court had granted interim injunction not just against the links which...

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Biodiversity law requirement of NBA Approval for Indian herbal companies

National Biodiversity Authority

The Earth’s biological resources are vital to humanity’s economic and social development, as well as for the maintenance of ecosystem health. Countries have long recognized that species, ecosystems, and biological diversity are of tremendous value to present and future generations. At the same time, the threat to species and ecosystems has never been greater. Species extinction caused by human activities continues at an alarming rate. For these reasons, countries have adopted a range of international treaties to protect species, habitats, and biological diversity itself.[1] India is one of the 17-mega biodiversity countries of the world. With only 2.4% of the...

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Swarovski’s Shining Trademark Win, Walmart Accused for Trademark Infringement, DPIIT Issues GI Logo, Tagline Usage Guidelines and Other News

Weekly Trademark News - BananaIP Counsels

  Indian Trademark Statistics for July (First Week), Cardi B’s Trademark Denied Registration, Teletubbies Arrive on ASOS, Hershey’s and Emoji Secure a Sweet Deal, Swarovski’s Shining Trademark Win, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsels. TRADEMARK QUOTE OF THE WEEK "Unlike other forms of IP, trademarks are there to stay, to stay and provide business/competitive value as long as your business lasts." – Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, BananaIP Counsels. INDIAN TRADEMARK STATISTICS Last week, the Indian Trademark Office have had a mixed pace. The total number of applications disposed through show cause hearings has increased by four percent (4%). Similarly, the...

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From Dress Pin to Safety Pin

This image depicts a Safety-Pin. This image is relevant as the post is about the evolution from Dress pin to Safety Pin. Click on this image for more information

  This post was first published on 2nd September, 2014.   Inventive step / Non-Obviousness is one of the most important patentability criteria in almost all patent jurisdictions. Non-obviousness is the term used by the USPTO and is codified in 35 USC § 103. The requirement is that the claimed invention being patented should not be obvious, meaning that a "person having ordinary skill in the art" should not be able to easily guess or put two or more things together to arrive at the invention seeking a patent  grant. Now, let’s discuss the Inventive step / Non-Obviousness criteria with an interesting example relating to the Dress Pin invention...

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Intellectual Property, Open Source and Intelligent Automobiles

Open Source Software (OSS)

  License: Creative Commons — Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0. Open Source Software (OSS) is today an integral part of every software development project, and there are open source projects for almost every utility and functionality. Software relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an exception, and there are several AI linked open source initiatives targeting the automotive sector. From autonomous vehicles to telematics, there are many open source projects addressing different aspects of mobility. Some examples of specific AI projects for the automotive industry include Apollo Project, Udacity, StreetDrone and Autoware for autonomous automobiles; and Automotive Grade Linux, Eclipse Open Mobility, and Asset...

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European Patent Office launches – Strategic Plan 2023, Interesting Inventions and more patent news

The featured image reads Weekly News Updates: Patent News. The logo of intellepedia also forms part of the featured image. To read more click here.

“Patent News Bulletin: Quote of the Week, Indian Patent Statistics, First Examination Report (FER) Statistics, Indian Industrial Design Statistics, NLUJA, Assam invites applications for IPR Chair Professor; European Patent Office launches - Strategic Plan 2023; Coordination Meeting for IGO’s to be hosted by WIPO in July and more” presented to you by the Patent attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s leading Patent Firm. QUOTE OF THE WEEK  “Patent risks in Open Source usage are real, and Companies must implement mitigation measures before they prove to be too late or too expensive” – Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, BananaIP Counsels  INDIAN PATENT STATISTICS A total...

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Gigi Hadid Claims Copyright, Disney to Re-Release ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and more

  Kabir Singh and Toy Story 4 Leaked on TamilRockers, Kerala HC Permits Screening of Patwardhan’s ‘Reason’ at Film Festival, Mumbai Doctor Writes to Maharashtra Health Minister Against ‘Kabir Singh’, Gigi Hadid Responds to Copyright Infringement Suit with Ownership Claim, Prenda Copyright Mastermind Sentenced to Prison, Artist's Widow Loses Copyright Suit Against Beer Company, Gibson Urges Guitarists to Become Whistleblowers, Apple Responds to Spotify’s Anti-Competitive Claims in EU, US Companies Resume Selling Products to Huawei, Disney to Re-Release ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ASOS Launches ‘Virtual Catwalk’, Altitude Sports Extends E-Commerce Platform, Telangana Now Houses Largest Amazon Delivery Centre and more.   Indian News   Kabir Singh and...

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Roaring Win for FUCT: US Supreme Court Strikes Down USPTO’s Ban, Dream Theatre Associates with Ninja Hattori, Kolhapuri Chappals Gets GI Tag and Other News

Weekly Trademark News - BananaIP Counsels

  Indian Trademark Statistics for June (Fourth Week), Barco’s-Grey’s Anatomy Licensing Agreement Renewal, PolicyBazaar Pays Hefty Fine of 10 Lakhs, Dream Theatre Associates with Ninja Hattori and more, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsels. TRADEMARK QUOTE OF THE WEEK "What is immoral and scandalous? Certainly not personal feelings of the trademark examiner. There is a lot to learn from the US Supreme Court's Judgment in the FUCT case on immoral and scandalous marks." - Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, BananaIP Counsels. INDIAN TRADEMARK STATISTICS Last week, the Indian Trademark Office has picked up its pace. The total number of applications disposed...

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The Progress and Value of Patents in India

The Progress and Value of Patents in India

Over the last decade, intellectual property (IP) has emerged as an important business tool for companies in India. Many companies have during the period managed to overcome the challenges posed by the Indian IP regime and devise strategies to derive business and competitive value from their IP assets. The progress of intellectual property law, policy and systems has instilled confidence in IP holders and noticeably furthered their commercial interests. Intellectual property awareness, knowledge and culture improved significantly during the period, and IP has now become an important assessment parameter for research and educational institutions, academics and corporate employees. Among researchers,...

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Court Order Blocks 76 Websites, Xiaomi Fires Infringing Employee, Former Snap Exec Launches Verishop, and more

Copyright and Entertainment Laws News

  Ranveer Singh Receives Infringement Notice from Brock Lesnar, Village Roadshow Wins Order to Block 76 Piracy Websites, VidAngel to Pay USD 62 million for Copyright Infringement, Genius Accuses Google of Copyright Infringement of Lyrics, Court Upholds University’s Claim of Immunity Against Copyright Infringement, Premier League Tops List of UK Copyright Suits, Twitch Sues to Identify Uploaders of Christchurch Shooting Videos, Niantic Sues Global++ for Hacked Versions of Games games, Xiaomi Fires Employee Accused of Infringement, Netflix Attempts to Introduce New Revenue Streams, Spotify Announces Your Daily Drive Playlist for the Road, Former Snap Exec Imran Khan Launches Verishop, Lazada’s Organises...

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