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Latest Trademark Cases, 2021 - Part 7

Latest Trademark Cases in 2021 – Part 7

Victoria Foods Private Limited v. Rajdhani Masala Co. & Anr. In this case, the Plaintiff claimed to have originally conceived and adopted the trademark “Rajdhani” for food products, condiments, confectionary, etc. Through social media it found that the Defendants, engaged in the business of Indian Spices under the name of “Rajdhani Masale Co.” and “New Rajdhani Masala Co.” were using its trademark and labels on their products. Aggrieved by the same, Plaintiff filed a suit as well as an interim…

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latest trademark cases in 2021 - part 6

Latest Trademark Cases in 2021 – Part 6

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED AND ANR. VS ASHOK KUMAR In this case, Reliance Industries Limited, the Plaintiff, found a hardware fittings and bathroom accessories retailer using their well-known mark ‘JIO’ and hence filed a trademark & copyright infringement suit before the Bombay High Court. The Defendant on 11th June, 2021 had filed two applications for registration of the mark JIO and pirated artwork which were advertised, claiming use since 16th December, 2016. The court noted that the Defendant not only copied…

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Start up

Start Up – Networking Portal

Nature of the company: Start Up - Networking Portal Why they approached us: Low on financial resources to aggressively protect IP. Did not have online instruments in place - terms and conditions, privacy policy, licenses, and so on. Was not following any process, or system, for safeguarding its IP interests. What did we do: Helped the company file its trademarks, patents, and copyrights for a highly discounted professional fee, and small equity. Drafted all…

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Small Factory

Small Manufacturing Company

Nature of the company: A small manufacturing company   Why they approached us: The company was making innovative products but did not have a system to analyze the same, and file for patents. The company was facing continuous copying of its innovations by competitors, and some times customers. Several instances of employee misappropriation of drawings, and other design data were happening, but the company could do nothing about it. What did we do: Helped the company devise…

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United Nations

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

Nature of the company: United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)   Why they approached us: Wanted to sensitize SMEs in Machine Tools, Plastics, and Foundry sectors on the role of IP in business. Required a comprehensive program to help cluster SMEs generate, identify, and protect IP, and use it to gain business value. Fields of SMEs: Machine Tools, Plastics and Foundry Sectors What did we do: Devised practical training programs, and organized seminars across India from Bangalore…

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Premier Technology Institute

Nature of the company: A premier technology institute   Why they approached us: Keen on Intellectual Property , but the activities were totally unorganized. Was following an IP policy, which did not seem to be producing the requisite results Many inventions being created, but did not have a licensing/technology transfer program. What did we do: Met more than thirty departments in the institute to understand the mind set, and IP related issues. Studied the nature of…

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Food Section

Leading Food Products Company

Nature of the company: A leading food products company   Why they approached us: Filed more than two thousand trade marks, but the portfolio was in disarray. Spending lot of money on duplicate filings, and maintenance of dead marks. Needed a third party review of the value of their trademark portfolio. What did we do: Performed a thorough due diligence, and compliance check. Analyzed the value of each mark based on business/legal parameters. Submitted a…

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US Law Firm

Leading Law firm in United States

Nature of Company: Leading Law firm in United States   Why they approached us: Could not find a cost effective high quality research services provider for their client’s needs Was looking for experts well versed in US patent law who had prior experience of working with US patent clients What did we do: Performed couple of plot projects to enable the client to assess the quality and comfort level with our experts. Once they were satisfied, a full…

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Source Code

Large Software Services Company

Nature of the company: A large software services company   Why they approached us: Using lot of open source software in projects for customers Not clear about integrating open source software with proprietary software. Unaware of open source risks and mitigation strategies. What did we do: Studied several projects to understand open source usage patterns. Developed a open source compliance policy/process. Provided inputs on specific open source use projects. Established guidelines for using open…

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Film set

Large Production House

Nature of the company: Large Production House   Why they approached us: The IP portfolio of the company was not well organized. Legal support lacked business/industry understanding. Produced some of the best movies/music in Bollywood, and were looking to maximize returns from licensing, and merchandizing. What did we do: Performed a comprehensive IP Audit, and established policies/processes to take care of ownership, licensing, and other activities. Initiated an organized licensing program, and built systems for optimal…

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