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Another patent granted over medicinal value of Cow’s urine

This image depicts a heard of cows. This post discusses the patents that have been filed for the composition of cow urine and its uses. Click on the image to read the full post.

First Publication Date: 24th June 2010 A patent was granted to CSIR with respect to a composition useful for protecting and/or repairing DNA from oxidative damages. The value of cow's urine has been emphasized in ancient Indian texts including the rig veda. Cow's urine is known to not only have medicinal value but is also used to purify ayurvedic medicines. The patent granted to CSIR claims a composition for preventing and repairing damage to DNA due to oxidation. The patent abstract and the first claim has been provided hereunder for your reference: United States Patent 7,718,360 ________________________________________ Composition (RCUD) for protecting and/or repairing DNA...

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Can a method of performing yoga be patented?

This image depicts a person in a yoga asana. His body has been divided into the traditional four zones targetted by yoga healing. This post explores if the way of performing yoga may be patented. Click on the image to read the full post.

First Publication Date: 9th June 2010 The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has recently incorporated materials on yoga to the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL). The materials include data on various yoga postures and videos relating to them. The information on yoga has been collected by CSIR from ancient Indian texts such as Patanjali. As per Dr. Gupta from CSIR, the addition of the materials to TKDL will play an important role in preventing patent grants relating to yoga in USA, Europe and other countries. The efforts of CSIR raise the question on whether yoga postures and processes can actually...

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Copyright Infringement: Bharat Law House vs. Wadhwa

First Publication Date: 13th June 2010 Supreme Court vacated Interim Application passed in favor of plaintiff and also allowed the IA in favor of defendants. This case is a hearing of interim application before Supreme Court while main suit was pending for trial. Case Facts Well-known authors Ratanlal and Dhirajlal wrote books on IPC, CrPC, Evidence Act, Torts, Law of Crimes and Bombay Criminal Cases. All these six books were assigned to the defendants by Mrs. Mary. Later, assignor and the defendants had a legal dispute which was finally settled by a compromise decree in court. As per decree, defendants were entitled to assignment of 4 books out of...

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Weekly Copyright News: Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming Film in Trouble, Australia’s Copyright Amendment Bill 2018, 2.0 Filter on Facebook, Spotify to Launch in India, Shutterstock Team-up with Greenlight and More

Weekly Copyright News Updates - Intellepedia

Telcos Petition Censor Board to Suspend Release of 2.0, Copyright Infringement Suit Halts Akshay Kumar’s Mission Mangal, Cinefil Applies for Registration as Copyright Society, Warner Bros. Settle Sabrina Infringement with Satanic Temple, Australia’s Copyright Amendment Bill 2018 Expands Piracy Laws, Malaysian Developer Sues Fox and Disney, Akshay Kumar Releases Special 2.0 Filter on Facebook, Spotify to Launch in India in the Next six Months, Shutterstock Simplifies Photo Licensing, Discover Media Lab Expands International Partnerships. COPYRIGHT QUOTE OF THE WEEK Monitoring and taking down infringing digital content is the key to internet/digital licensing success. -Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala INDIAN COPYRIGHT STATISTICS There is a decrease...

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IP in everyday life – Godrej Tribolt

First Publication Date: 27th May 2010 I noticed this Godrej tribolt lock (which can be seen below) carrying prominent notices about the Intellectual Property related to it (seen below) The above notice is an example of a good patent notice, in that it complies with S.111(1) of the Indian Patent Act, 1970, which reads as In a suit for infringement of patent, damages or an account of profits shall not be granted against the defendant who proves that at the date of the infringement he was not aware and had no reasonable grounds for believing that the patent existed. A person shall not be deemed...

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IP in everyday life – Aircraft seat belts

First Publication Date: 7th June 2010 Most of us fly frequently. But, we might not have paid attention to the most vital piece of safety equipment for a passenger; the seat belt. If you flip the receptacle portion of the belt, you will see a notice which states "Patent 5088160". The referred patent is assigned to Am-safe, Inc and was filed on February 5, 1990 (and has subsequently expired on February 5, 2010). The two independent claims are as follows: Claim 1: A webbing adjustor for adjusting and locking seat belt webbing which is anchored at one end, the webbing adjuster including a base...

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Independent Touch of Creativity: Copyrights and Writers (Part 3)

If I Could Copyright… My Book: Copyrights and Writers (Part 5)

Writings expressed on tangible forms are copyrightable only if they are original and creative. The thresholds are low, but they still have to be satisfied. Originality Originality checks whether a writing has been independently created. The question is not about similarity of works, it is about independence of expression. As long as a writer has independently written her work, it will not matter if the work is similar or identical to another work. Example: If X writes a poem, and it is identical to a poem written by Y, X's poem will be considered original if she has written the poem independently, and...

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Patent Agent Exam Results announced!! Congratulations!!

A very hearty congratulations to everyone who cleared the first round of Patent Agent Examination. The Indian Patent Office today has announced the Patent Agent Examination Result for the exam that was held on October 28th, 2018. The Controller General notified the public in a notification that the Patent Agent Examination would be held in two phases – Written round and Viva Voce. Over 4,000 applicants from across India appeared for the examination that was held across centers located in the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and RGNIIPM, Nagpur. As per the notification that was issued today, a total of 1473...

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Synthetic cell: Patent or No Patent?

First Publication Date: 27th May 2010 After reading today’s article titled “Patent-run for synthetic life form could be ‘damaging’, says Brit scientist” I thought I was having a Déjà vu. Looks like, once again, history repeats itself. Have you ever wondered as to why every time there is a substantial progress in the field of Synthetic biology, we get mixed reactions. We are happy about the progress but when it comes to rewarding a patent to the inventors for the progress, we are reluctant. The saga began when Dr. Chakrabarty applied for a patent for his genetically modified Pseudomonas. It instigated the...

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Weekly Trademark News: Aaj Tak Wins Trademark Battle, Trademark Infringement over a Candle, Discover Brand in India and other news

Indian Trademark Statistics for November (Fourth Week) 2018, Discovery Brand Now in India, LG Electronics Files Trademarks for Foldable Phones, Aaj Tak Wins a Trademark Battle, Surname Trademark Infringement, and more, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsels. TRADEMARK QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol whichis the brand image”– Walter Landor INDIAN TRADEMARK STATISTICS The Indian Trademark Office have had a mixed week with respect to its work pace last week. The total number of the applications disposed through show cause hearings has increased by twelve percent (12%)....

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