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Google to face more antitrust charges in the EU

In a streak of antitrust proceedings ongoing against Google in India, the U.S. tech company is potentially facing further charges before the EU Competition Commission. In a Reuters report, it was stated that the EU Commission is likely to be in the process of framing charges against Google, owing to the slow pace of the ongoing settlement with the company. Google has been in the process of settling the case and the consequent antitrust fine, since June of the previous year, and the slow pace as well as the limited concessions that Google had to face were reported to be major reasons for the concern. Both the Competition Commission and Google had declined to make comment on the matter.


Supreme Court gives green light to CCI Investigation into WhatsApp Privacy Policy

In a setback for the WhatsApp parent company, Meta, the Supreme Court has provided the permission to the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in investigating the WhatsApp Privacy Policy of 2021. The Apex Court refused Meta as the company sought to stay the antitrust proceedings before the CCI, and the Court reiterated that the CCI was in its capacity when investigating the abrogation of the provisions of the Competition Act of 2002, and that the CCI was well within its competence to proceed with the investigation.


Zoetop, Shein Parent Company, under fire for Mishandling a 2018 Data Breach

The owner of the prominent fast-fashion company Shein, Zoetop,is facing a massive $1.9 Million fine for not having handled a 2018 data breach. The 2018 data breach resulted in the theft of credentials and personal information of more than 39 million of the platform’s users. Zoetop has been accused in an investigation by the Office of the Attorney General of New York. The report of the investigation showed that Zoetop had only contacted a fraction of the people whose credentials were stolen in the data breach, while a majority of the users remained uninformed that their credentials were stolen. The company failed to inform a majority of the victims, and also misrepresented the actual amount of accounts who had their credentials stolen in the data breach.

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