5 Reasons Why You Should File Patents Over Your Inventions

5 Reasons Why You Should File Patents Over Your Inventions

If you’ve come up with an idea for a new product, you might be wondering if it’s worth filing a patent to protect that idea. After all, patents can be expensive to obtain and challenging to understand. Do you really need one? The answer is probably yes. A patent can be the key to unlocking profitability and generating revenue from your invention without giving away the store.

Here are some things you should know about protecting your new product  by filing for a patent:

Patents give you exclusivity over your product/service

A patent gives you the right to be the only person or company who produces and sells a specific invention. This means you can stop others from making and selling your invention (or using it), which can help you build your business. In many cases, this can make your product or service more valuable for your customers, which in turn can make it easier to sell.

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Patents help in creating business and competitive value

Having patents can help you gain  business and competitive value for your products/services in the market. As patents give you exclusivity in the market, you can sell your products, or offer your services at a  good value. As your competitors cannot sell these products, or offer the services you are offering, you can maintain your competitive advantage until your patents last. You can also  build and develop predictable revenue streams for your products, and maintain business value for a given period of time.

Patents increase the financial valuation of your company

Patents can increase the financial value of your company. This is because many investors will look at your company’s assets and decide if they want to invest in your company based on those assets. If your company has a patent, it can help increase the financial value of your company. Patents will help  to not only attract investors to your company, but also to increase your company’s financial valuation. This will help in getting more funds and investments by giving away less take to investors.

Patents add to the credibility of your product

When you launch your product in the market, a patent can make your product seem more credible and legitimate. A patent can also make it easier for you to market your invention. If you want to get the word out about your invention, it can be challenging to get press coverage without being able to provide any evidence of your product’s innovative features. A patent can help you prove that your  product is innovative, making it easier to get coverage and build buzz for your product.

Patents help in raising funds and investments

If you’re looking to raise funds or investments for your business, a patent can help you in this regard. Investors often like to see that a company has a patent or a patent application on their product. A patent shows that you’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into this product. It shows that you’ve done your research and that you’re serious about your invention. This is usually a good sign for investors and makes it easier for you to get funding for your business.


Patents are valuable assets for  all innovative businesses. In order to see these benefits, you must file patents, and build a patent portfolio. Launching a product or service without filing for a patent may result in loss of  possible patent rights. So, file your patent before launching your innovative product or service, and take advantage of your inventions and innovations to gain business success.

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