Weekly Anti-Trust and Privacy Updates

This week’s anti-trust and privacy updates are as follows:

EU Upholds 4 Billion USD in Fines Against Google for Abuse of Dominant Position

The European Court fines 4 Billion USD for its anti-competitive practices. Google was found in violation of EU anti-trust laws, by manipulating the search results on its platform to promote its services, as well as imposing unlawful restrictions on the Android mobile manufacturers, with the intention to consolidate the dominant position of its search engine.

Ambry Genetics, Sued for Data Privacy Breach, Settles the Suit for 12.25 Million USD

Ambry Genetics, in an attempt to settle claims for breach of security of medical records, and other personal information of their customers, has filed a motion to settle the suit for 12.24 million USD. The motion to settle does not admit any liability or fault on the part of the company. The aggrieved in the class action suit, along with the compensation, are entitled to receive free monitoring services for their credit, as well as insurance for identity theft. The suit was initially instituted in 2020 upon notification of data breach, and initially dismissed in 2021, but the aggrieved were granted another chance to present their case.

Boeing Credit Union sued for Data Breach, Seeks Exit from Class-Action Suit

The Boeing Employee’s Credit Union (BECU), sued before the Washington District Court for ransomware attacks and disclosure of personal information, has filed a motion for dismissal of the class-action suit filed by the Company’s employee. The company claims no liability arising from the attack, arguing that the suit does not identify any party liable for the data breach.

CoinBase Insider Trading Case, Guilty Plea for Admittance Entered

In a guilty plea before the U.S. District Judge, Loretta A. Preska, Nikil Wahi, brother of a former CoinBase Manager, admitted to a wire fraud conspiracy. He admitted to receiving prior information about the currencies about to be listed on the exchange from the ex-Coinbase worker, Ishan Wahi, and that he used that confidential information to make trading decisions over the exchange.

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