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This week’s trademark updates are as follows:
CHAAYOS trademark infringement dispute referred to mediation
Sunshine Teahouse Private Limited had filed an infringement suit against the CHAIOPS café. Sunshine claimed that the Defendant’s brand name CHAIOPS was infringing upon their mark CHAAYOS. The Delhi High Court noted that there were no similarities between the device and logo of the two parties and that there existed only phonetic similarity between the two. Hence, stating the possibility of an amicable settlement, the Delhi High Court referred the case to mediation and appointed Advocate Sidharth Chopra as the mediator. “After hearing submissions of ld. Counsels for the parties, it appears that there is a possibility of amicable resolution of the disputes. Considering these facts, Mr. Sidharth Chopra, ld. Counsel, who is present in Court is appointed as the Mediator to attempt amicable resolution of disputes between the parties,” the Court stated.

Coke v. Cook Studio trademark infringement case settled between the parties

Following a drawn-out dispute over infringement of the trademark, Coke Studio, the popular platform Cook Studio has agreed to rename itself as Cook Pro 6, in order to settle the trademark infringement dispute with the Coca Cola Company. The food blogging account agreed to adopt the mark Cook Pro 6, instead of Cook Studio. The transition shall be by the end of November 2022. The Court did not face any hurdle in recording the settlement of the dispute.

NBA Star, Luka Doncic embroiled in trademark dispute with his mother

In an attempt to register a trademark and protect his name and likeness, the NBA Basketball Star, Luca Doncic is now facing a hurdle from an existing registered trademark under his name, ‘Luca Doncic 7’, the owner of which is Mirjam Poterbin, his mother. The mark was filed and registered two years ago with the consent of the NBA star, to explore other business opportunities. However, Luka Doncic revoked the consent granted to his mother for use of the alleged mark, and later applied through Luka77 Inc., a company tasked to promote his name and fame. He now seeks cancellation of the prior mark before the USPTO.

India holds virtual meetings with Qatar to encourage indigenous exports

In a recent bid to improve and increase the export of indigenous Indian agricultural products, the Government of India recently organized a virtual meeting with the Embassy of India in Doha, and Indian Business and Professionals Council, Qatar (IBPC). The meeting was attended by participants constituting IBPC representatives, importers, exporters, and several others. The meeting was held with the intention to improve B2B sales and boost exports of the GI products which are unique to India.

Ethereum name services sues GoDaddy for sale of vital domain name

Ethereum Name Service, provider for .eth domain name for all participants in the Ethereum Community, sued GoDaddy for issuing the domain name, .eth.link, which allowed anyone to access the usually inaccessible .eth web addresses, using the extension .eth.link. The domain provided by GoDaddy created as a bridge to the domain address which was essential for True Names Ltd., for running the Ethereum Name Services. GoDaddy is accused of having sold the domain name to a third party by falsely proclaiming the expiry of the domain name before the actual date of expiry, essentially depriving the plaintiff from continuing their business.
Authored by Lavanya Anand (Associate, BananaIP Counsels) and Tanmaya Purohit (Intern).

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