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Weekly Antitrust and Data Privacy Updates

This week's Antitrust and Data Privacy Updates are as follows - Google fined by CCI for Anti-Competitive Practices In the decision by the Competition Commission of India, passed on 21 October 2022, the antitrust watchdog slapped Alphabet Inc., the parent company of the tech platform Google, with a $162 Million penalty. The CCI adjudged Google to have abused its dominant position in the market, in relation to the Android Platform in the smartphone market. The decision passed by the CCI restrains…

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Weekly Anti-Trust and Privacy Updates

This week’s anti-trust and privacy updates are as follows: EU Upholds 4 Billion USD in Fines Against Google for Abuse of Dominant Position The European Court fines 4 Billion USD for its anti-competitive practices. Google was found in violation of EU anti-trust laws, by manipulating the search results on its platform to promote its services, as well as imposing unlawful restrictions on the Android mobile manufacturers, with the intention to consolidate the dominant position of its search engine. Ambry Genetics, Sued…

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