Burn Rate, a gripping and insightful novel by Prof Jon M. Garon

We live and thrive around the fear and excitement of the unknown, the uncertain and the unpredictable. The AI age is on us, and one cannot help wondering where it might take us. While lawyers debate about how law should respond to developments in AI, technologists are busy Taking long strides, every step taking them away from legal coverage. Professor Jon Garon’s ‘Burn Rate’ is a fast paced crime and corporate thriller that delves into many technological issues plaguing our minds through a thrilling and entertaining story.
The novel starts with the meticulously planned murder of Jeff Devon, CEO of Menoetius Labs, which is made to look like an accident. It does not take the sharp minds at Menoetius Labs and FBI too long to figure out that Jeff was killed by a hit man. That sets off a double edged investigation that takes the investigators deep into the invisible labyrinth of business and technology. The force facing them is much larger, powerful and intelligent than imagined, and they soon find themselves going in circles.
When  all leads hit dead ends, a law professor’s unique thought process and unconventional approach shows investigators the way. Professor Eema Davis’ attention to detail and ability to see the nonobvious helps them identify the murderer, who eludes them and provokes a war like situation. Law enforcement and defence personnel do not know how to stop him, and have to once again rely on Professor Davis’ distinctive expertise.
Set in the Silicon Valley, the Hi-tech and Start-up capital of the world, Professor Garon’s Burn Rate is a technology, corporate and crime thriller that is gripping, insightful and entertaining. It is a wonderful read for everyone interested in getting a peek into what AI and other technologies might hold for humanity. Through his extremely well written story, Professor Garon expounds issues concerning business and technological progress such as corporate/financial structuring, competition, privacy, security, ethics and intellectual property, among others.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Burn Rate and learned a lot from the novel. Every chapter starts with an interesting quote, reading which makes you pause and think for a while before proceeding. I would highly recommend this work to the IP community.
Burn Rate is available in both paperback and kindle versions. You may buy the kindle version of the book, or download it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited subscription here

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