Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents V):Well Played!

“All you need is love, Love is all you need”- The Beatles

Its two days to go for Valentine’s Day, and it’s about time you stepped  up your game. Although you don’t need a special day to express your love for someone, it doesn’t hurt to make this one extra special. A lot of you might be suiting up and you probably will be making dinner reservations, at a nice, posh restaurant. Maybe you will order her favourite wine or  may be you’re ready to go all out this time with some expensive champagne. That’s a great plan, but it could be a little harsh on your pockets, don’t you think? Plus, although a candle lit dinner is a winning move, it’s also a safe one.

So how about we change things up a bit this time. How about a fun game you could play with your valentine? In this edition of love patents we bring to you an invention titled “Lover’s game and method of play”, disclosed in US5213509A.

lovers game 1

lovers game two

Well the game is simple, each player or lover gets an open-topped container, with or without closeable top lid and central storage space, and a number of game pieces of sufficiently small size so that a number of the pieces can fit into each space. The total number of pieces in the game is more than enough to fill one of the spaces, but insufficient to fill both spaces and can be of different size and appearance, preferably jewels. The game may also include a rules guide. In one embodiment, the rules guide, containers and/or pieces bear the legend “lovers”.

The game is played by initially distributing an equal number of game pieces to each player for storage in the container spaces. Whenever a lover performs a loving act, he or she gives the other lover a game piece which is stored in the recipient’s container space. When the pieces overflow a container that is the signal for the lover having that container to perform a sufficient number of loving acts and distribute the overflowing pieces to the other participant thus promoting harmony and exchanging and sharing of loving acts between the game lovers.

The invention gives enough room to play around and to explore different possibilities by molding the rules guide.

This gift will definitely be a hit with your Valentine. So play on my friends, bonne chance!

Authored by Anchita Sharma.

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