Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents VI): Surprise!!

In today’s digital age, everything from birthdays to weddings to anniversaries have been digitalized. One can always send personalized cards or messages via electronic means, the whole process is cheaper and time saving but for some reason, it does not carry the same charm as a physical card or a gift made pain stakingly.

Long distance relationships for instance are majorly based on communication between the lovers through phone or other means. Such relationships are often more difficult to keep than normal relationships. Since this kind of a relationship is mostly based on technology rather than a physical interaction, they often lack the charm of normal relationships. Shouting out “surprise!!” from the back of a sofa as your lover enters the venue and to look at his/her surprised face is delectable.  If you think something like this cannot be replicated by technology, here is a patent which is likely to elicit the same response. The spoiler of course is the fact that you might not be able to see the surprised face unless you are on a video call with your lover when the surprise pops up.

The invention described by Patent Application no. US 10347560, titled “Pop-Up Surprise” suggests that “People have always been fascinated with magic and the thrill of surprise. Pop-up surprise, a novel gift idea, combines both of these elements. Imagine sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to someone. Of course that person is thrilled, but now imagine a pre-printed message that magically appears in that bouquet 24 hours after receiving it. The message could read “I love you more today than I did yesterday.” Not only is the person thrilled by the initial gift of flowers, but a second surprise comes when pop-up surprise mysteriously delivers a message approximately 24 hours later.”

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“Pop-Up Surprise is a novelty gift idea designed to blend naturally with any bouquet of flowers and seemingly magically delivers a pre-printed message to its recipient. The pop-up mechanism resembles a flower stem, is green in color and is height adjustable. The silk bud or other outer housings are stand alone pieces designed to house a banner on which the message will be written. The outer housing (Silk bud in this example) easily snaps on the top of the outer stem. A spring and a plastic pop-up rod are parts of the internal mechanism designed to pop the banner up through the outer housing. A timed release tablet dissolves in water over a period of 24 hours releasing the pop-up rod which pushes the banner up through the outer housing, revealing the banner with a pre-printed message. The result is an unexpected surprise!

This “Pop-Up Surprise” is a great invention to send across to your lover if you cannot make it to them on this Valentine’s Day, the loving messages delivered by this invention are enough to light up their day and bring a smile on their face.

Authored by Rahul Kulkarni

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