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CASE BRIEF: Renaissance Hotel Holdings Inc. vs B. Vijay Sai and Ors.

Decided by Supreme Court of India on 19th January 2022 (Reportable) Facts The Appellant, proprietor and holder of the trademark ‘RENAISSANCE’, had filed a suit against the Respondents for a permanent injunction against the use of the allegedly infringing trademark ‘SAI RENAISSANCE’, as well as any other mark identical to the Respondents’ mark, ‘RENAISSANCE’. The Appellant discovered two hotels being run by the Respondents, in Bangalore and Puttaparthi, and noted that it copied the style, signage, and the word ‘RENAISSANCE’. The Respondents’…

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry x

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

  Brands – the backbone of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) valuation William Shakespeare once said “What's in a name?” For FMCG companies, it’s all about the product names that consumers identify from the TV advertisements or trips to the supermarket. It is critical to your business because: It’s a marketing tool; brand recall leads to greater sales and profitability It strengthens your licensing opportunities and therefore revenue from distributors/partners It increases your company’s valuation, leading to…

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