Shamnad Basheer, a Pioneer in the IP World Passes Away

We are  deeply saddened to learn about the untimely demise of Shamnad Basheer, a pioneer in the IP world. We will truly miss him and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Shamnad’s passing away leaves a void  in Indian Intellectual Property that cannot be easily filled. We will always remember  his contributions to IP law and policy, and will never forget his dedicated efforts towards making medicines accessible.

BananaIP pays its tributes to  Shamnad, a noble and distinguished IP professional, who has left a legacy that will always be remembered.


  • August 9, 2019 Posted
    Dr. Kalyan Kankanala

    Cannot imagine IP in India without Shamnad
    In a short period of time, Shamnad has made telling contributions to IP in India, more than any one I know. Though we never met, I interacted with him several times, and have been following his work very closely. While all of us were talking about what we must do to change the IP system, Shamnad came like a storm, shook the system, and transformed it. He not only showed us that change is possible, but also how to go about it.
    We remember Shamnad for many things: access to information and knowledge, access to medicines, administrative reforms, IP scholarship, diversity in legal education and so on. Though we disagreed on many things, his grit and dedication won me over more than once.
    I will truly miss Shamnad, and cannot imagine an IP world without him. I express my deepest gratitude and respect for everything he had done for IP in India.

  • August 9, 2019 Posted
    Tejaswini Anand H

    A visionary is someone who is gifted with the art of seeing what is invisible to the others. He starts off with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagines the world. This is exactly what Shamnad Basheer was!
    I’m yet to meet an IP professional who hasn’t referred to his SpicyIP blog- be it for inspiration, online internship or just for some healthy doses of IP. Gutsy and passionate about all things IP related, he is best remembered for taking on the Swiss giant and drug maker Novatris in the year 2012.
    An irreplaceable abysmal void has now been created in the Indian IP scenario with the untimely demise of Shamnad Basheer.
    Gone too soon, you’ve inspired many and will continue to inspire many more.
    Rest in peace, Shamnad sir.

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