Keeping your eyes on the prize: Weight Loss Patents V


Burning the extra fat deposit and shedding some weight is definitely a good idea. In addition to obvious health benefits, it’s proven that being physically fit and living healthy can improve your confidence level as well.  Well, we all know this theory. Many have tried or are still trying, or at least intend to shed some weight. But the real test is to find that motivation which will help you keep going. Unlike weight gain, weight loss is definitely a slow process and the pace at which one can reduce weight depends on many factors such as diet and work out style adopted, physiological factors and so on. For many people, results may not be visible for a considerable period of time. Sadly, this is sufficient to dishearten most of the people, and is a valid reason for the foodie and a lazy bum in you to take over again. But if we track our progress it can definitely act as a motivational factor, and yes, as always, here is a patent to your rescue.

The US patent (7264472), titled ‘Analogue demonstrator showing qualitative weight loss or gain resulting from diet and exercise’, claims an analogue device that is capable of showing how body weight is related to exercise and diet. With the help of this device, the inventor intends to demonstrate how the body weight can increase or decrease based on the diet and exercise pattern adopted by the user. The demonstration can help a user understand effects of the adopted diet + exercise combo, and can also allow the user to try and select a best diet + exercise combo that provides the desired results.

Here is the first claim for your reference:

“An analog device which graphically simulates qualitative relationships between human diet, exercise and body weight, said device comprising a pressurized fluid passing through a suitable conduit as a means to simulate an energy flow and also to power said device, said energy flow being conducted in series through a variable diet-energy restrictor as a means to simulate changes in food intake, said food intake designated as diet energy, a diet-energy rate meter as a means to display said changes in diet energy, said simulated energy flow being further conducted in series through a second fluid rate meter designated as displaying exercise-energy rate, said exercise-energy comprising all energy used by the body for physical movement, respiration and body heat, a variable exercise-energy restrictor as a means to simulate changes in said exercise-energy, an energy magnitude meter connected to qualitatively simulate energy magnitude between said diet-energy rate meter and said exercise-energy rate meter as a means to display said simulated human body weight resulting from changes to said diet-energy rate and/or said exercise-energy rate”

We hope this can provide the necessary motivation. In fact all patents covered in the weight loss patent series are intended to convey that weight loss is a popular topic in the patent world as well. It’s time to wind up this series. We believe that our beloved readers enjoyed it. We will soon be back with another interesting series.


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