Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress Part 15

In the following post a few examples of famous and well known designs filed and registered in the food, vehicle and watch industries have been showcased.

Under the industrial design law in India, designs related to foodstuffs are covered under class 01 which includes fruits, vegetables, cheeses, butter and butter substitutes, other dairy produce, butchers’ meat (including pork products), fish and animal foodstuffs under different sub-classes. This subclass however, does not include packaging which is covered by class 09. This post specifically focuses on  class 01-01 which includes bakers’ products, biscuits, pastry, macaroni and other cereal products, chocolates, confectionery, ices.

Class 12 covers means of transport or hoisting including vehicles drawn by animals, handcarts, wheelbarrows, ships and boats, aircraft and space vehicles, tractors, cycles and motorcycles, special-purpose vehicles, road vehicle trailers, elevators and hoists for loading or conveying under various sub-classes. Sub-class 12-08 specifically deals with designs of motor cars, buses and lorries.

Watches, clocks and alarm clocks as well as other time-measuring instruments and measuring instruments, apparatus and devices are protected under class 10. This class also includes instruments, apparatus and devices for checking, security or testing such as fire alarms, burglar alarms and various other detectors.

Authored by Ryan Mendonca.

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