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Why do Inventors Invent?

First Publication Date: 1st February 2010 Abraham Lincoln said, "Patents add fuel to the fire of genius". The role of the patent system is to encourage inventors by providing them incentives to give life to their ideas. As Lincoln rightly stated, the patent system provides the necessary encouragement to an inventive mind rather than creating one through its incentive system. The nature of the role played by the patent system in setting inventive minds in motion has been the subject of research at various levels. While some scholars concluded that the patent system does not play any role, others stated that...

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Pedaling the Mechanical Horse

During the nineteenth century, the Bicycle which was referred to as “Mechanical Horse” by David V. Herlihy evoked an exciting new world in which every person could travel afar and at will. But now, in this modern world “Is the bicycle capable enough of competing with other advanced vehicles?” While exploring my query, I came across many interesting inventions one among those is very interesting and provided hereunder for your reference. Normally, while riding bicycles the rider’s legs push rotating pedals so that pushing down one of the pedals provides a corresponding lifting of the other pedal. During the competition, a cyclist...

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What is the Value of Your IP?

Unlike five years ago, many Indian companies in today believe that Intellectual Property (IP) adds value to their business interests. They have been aggressively protecting their IP and are asking what their IP is worth. They are not content with the answer of attorneys that revolves around exclusivity, competitive advantage, market share, price margins and so on. Companies would like to know if their IP really has value in terms of money. Determining the value of IP in terms of money is called IP Valuation. Valuation of IP is very tricky due to the uncertainities inherent in the process of performing...

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Crater v. Lucent Technologies

Authored by: Nandan Pendsey, IP Attorney, San Diego, USA Case Facts Crater sued Lucent technologies in the US district court of Missouri alleging that Lucent infringed US patent No. 5,286,129 by making commercial use of it. This patent is directed to an underwater coupling device. It also brought a claim for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. Lucent filed a motion for dismissal as district court did not have original jurisdiction as there was no diversity of citizenship between Crater and Lucent. Issue Is Lucent liable for patent infringement when it performed the work with respect to Crater's Coupler under a government...

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