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Patentability of Biotechnology Inventions in India

Patentable Subject Matter The scope of eligible subjects is very broad in India. Any product or process irrespective of the technology is patentable subject matter in India. However, the Patents Act under Section provides a long list of inventions that are excluded from patentable subject matter, which includes biotechnology inventions. Discovery of any living thing occurring in nature is not patentable subject matter in India. Prohibited biotech subjects further include plant and animals in whole or any part thereof including seeds; varieties, species and essentially biological processes for production or propagation of plants and animals. However, microorganisms and microbiological processes are patentable...

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Patent Filing Requirements in India

Filing of a Patent application in India has been simplified by the option of E-filing software. With the use of digital signature an authorized patent agent or applicant can directly file a patent application in the E-filing software. Normally, a patent application can be filed by the true and first inventors or the assignee having acquired the authority from the true and first inventors. The following documents/forms are required at the time of filing an application either through E Filing software or hard copy filing: Form-1: An Application for grant of patent on Form-1 providing all details of the applicant, inventors, title...

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Are You Ready for an Evening Walk on Water?

We generally use the phrase “Walking on water”,  to refer to a miracle or accomplishing something nearly impossible. But if we consider the literal meaning of it, is it really possible to walk on water? A lot of people dream of walking on water and infact some have walked on water either in reality or as an illusion or miracle. After Lord Ram performed the feat, Leonardo da Vinci in 15th Century sketched how a man can walk on water. Since then, numerous inventions have come up to turn this dream into reality by enabling man to walk on water....

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Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP), New Scheme from Department of Biotechnology for Advanced Technology Science

Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) is a new partnership programme with industries for support on cost sharing basis for high risk discovery and innovation, accelerated technology development specially for futuristic areas like transformational technology and product development for public good, areas having major economic potential with focused on IP creation with ownerships by Indian industry, development of technologies in the area of agriculture, health, bio-energy, green manufacturing etc. The objective is to assist and promote emerging biotech entrepreneurs and facilitate innovative research and development in small, medium as well as large industries. The areas are broadly classified as following categories: I - Areas...

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