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De-addiction Patents: The Gandhian path to a healthy living

October 2nd is the birth anniversary of a great Indian and  world leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was a pioneer of truth and non-violence therefore worldwide this day is celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. He set an example of simple living and high thinking and was against addictions such as smoking, drinking, even non-vegetarianism. On this day, we bring to you information on a few patents related to alcohol de-addiction. As we all know drug and alcohol abuse is a serious social issue due to which the society has to pay a high price. An invention as disclosed in...

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Compulsory Licensing in India

  Mark Twain once said “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”. How is this relevant to this Compulsory Licensing post here? You need to read on to discover that.   The history of Compulsory Licensing can be traced back to the UK Statute of Monopolies in 1624, which ruled out monopolies associated with patent, and stated that grants should not be mischievous to the State‘ or hurt trade. The UK recognized compulsory licensing in terms of non-working and stipulated rules to prevent patents from not being worked commercially. The current system of compulsory licensing for patents in...

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Patents, Compulsory Licensing and Business Strategy

The image depicts a patent fight between two groups of people.

The stated objective of patent law is to promote the progress of science and technology for industrial/economic progress and public benefit. It  seeks to achieve this objective by granting exclusive rights over inventions to inventors for a limited period of time, on expiry of which the inventions enter the public domain. It is believed that the grant of exclusive rights generate incentives to invent, invest, disclose and design around, which in turn promote the progress of science and technology by encouraging inventive activity. Though the objective of the patent system seems logical on its face, no empirical studies have proved conclusively...

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Happy Eid al-Adha – Biryani Patents

Hello fellow foodies! What a day it is, Eid Mubarak to all our readers! Eid is known as the festival of sacrifice that marks  the end of Haj, and the cuisine is a very important part of the celebrations. Biryani, sevyian, sheer khurma and other delectable dishes make Eid a very special day for food connoisseurs. So, on this day we bring to you a couple of patents claiming inventive, healthy preparations, from China and USA. CN102726685A/en Muslim fast food grabbing rice and its preparing method Abstract The present invention relates to a Muslim fast food-grabbing rice and its preparation method. It is made up by using special...

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Letter to the PM against Software patenting

On September 15, 2015 several civil society organizations, institutions and citizens submitted a joint letter to the PMO expressing their concerns over the “Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs)” issued by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks on 21st August, 2015. Some of the noted Institutions and Organizations included in this letter are IIT Bombay, C-DAC, IIM Bangalore, Alternative Law Forum, Centre for Internet & Society, Bangalore , National Working Group on Patent Laws, to name a few. According to the applicants the new guidelines are a matter of concern in the context of the...

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Gilead, IPA, Natco & The Bells of Harmony

  Pharmaceutical industries seem to be making headlines this season. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous news reports with respect to the pharmaceutical industry, SiNApSE alone has covered many of these in its earlier blog posts. The issues range from rejection of patent applications based on the ever so controversial section 3(d) as observed in the case of Pfizer’s drug “Tofacitinib” to the resurrection of the nightmare of many pharmaceutical companies, namely “the COMPULSORY LICENSE” as seen in the case of Lee Pharma v. AstraZeneca. Going by this trend of the Pharmaceutical industries making the headlines, here are some...

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Idols, Patents and Ganesha- Happy Vinayaka Chavithi!

The Hindu God Ganesha is known as the “herald of auspicious beginnings” and considered to be the most “beloved deity of all” Ganesh Chaturthi, an auspicious festival observed in the month of Bhadra (mid August – mid September) according to the Hindu calendar is celebrated with utmost devotion and joy in many states in India and even outside the country. Ganesha, is known by 108 different names and is considered to be a symbol of good fortune, wisdom, prosperity and health. As the country prepares to get into the mood to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, the streets are filled with idols of...

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TiVo and Patent Infringement

  The makers of the famous TiVo DVR systems, TiVo Inc. are taking Samsung to court over the alleged patent infringement of four of their patents. Deja vu? Feels like we’ve heard this story before, haven’t we? Well, TiVo loves the litigation game and has taken several big companies, such as EchoStar/Dish, AT&T, Motorola, Verizon and Cisco, to court for infringing its patents, winning almost a whopping $1.6 billion in damages.   So why is TiVo suing Samsung this time? According to them it is not only Samsung set- top boxes that are found infringing but several smartphones and tablets have also been...

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Ericsson has a (i)Ball at the Court

On 2nd September, 2015, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manmohan Singh of the Delhi High Court, issued an interim injunction, restraining the Mumbai-based company, iBall from importing any allegedly infringing devices until the next hearing in the case, I.A No. 17351/2015 in CS(OS) 2501/2015. The Swedish major Ericsson, which provides services, software and infrastructure in the information and communications technology space, had filed a suit for permanent injunction restraining infringement of patents, damages, rendition of accounts, delivery up etc. against the Indian company iBall which imports computer peripherals, smartphones and tablets. The law suit relates to three technologies in the field of telecommunications pertaining...

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Tequila’s Indian Cousin

For all our readers who are alcohol connoisseurs here is some great news. A food scientist from Andra Pradesh has filed for a patent for the Indian version of tequila. It’s a well known fact that tequila originates from Mexico, where the Agave Americana plant is used in the manufacturing of tequila. However, the possibility of an Indian variant seemed a little far-fetched. Mr Sangati Chennakesava Reddy a food scientist who had previously researched on Opuntia (a plant from the cactus family), finally zeroed down on ‘Naara Kalabanda’ or ‘Kittha Naara’ . According to him, the plant’s pith portion due to...

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