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Crater v. Lucent Technologies

Authored by: Nandan Pendsey, IP Attorney, San Diego, USA Case Facts Crater sued Lucent technologies in the US district court of Missouri alleging that Lucent infringed US patent No. 5,286,129 by making commercial use of it. This patent is directed to an underwater coupling device. It also brought a claim for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. Lucent filed a motion for dismissal as district court did not have original jurisdiction as there was no diversity of citizenship between Crater and Lucent. Issue Is Lucent liable for patent infringement when it performed the work with respect to Crater's Coupler under a government...

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Innovative Acupuncture at Stone Clinic

Any person who pays a visit to Stone Clinic at 4, Jor Bagh, Delhi will vouch for Dr. Chopra's contribution to the betterment of vision for many disorders that are not treatable under any other system of medicine. Dr. Chopra picked up a traditional method from China and added innovative steps to it in order to make it effective for eye problems. However, he does not wish to patent it and excludes others from using the method. After the conversation, we performed a patent search out of curiosity. During the search, we uncovered a US patent application that claims in large...

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Chou V Univ of Chi & Arch Dev Corp.

Author: Nandan Pendsey, IP Attorney, San Diego, USA Case Facts Chou appeals from the district’s court decision of granting defendant’s motion for dismissing her declaratory judgment of inventorship, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty unjust enrichment etc. Dr. Chou is a graduate student for Dr. Roiznan at the Univ of Chicago’s department of molecular genetics and cell biology. Dr. Roiznan is named as sole patentee of ‘688 , ‘713 and ‘328 whos ownership is disputed. Chou allegedly told Roizman that her discoveries should be patented and he allegedly disagreed. At that time already Roizman had filed for ‘688 patent directed to the same...

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The Patented Aircraft – Britten-Norman Trislander

Though patents are commonplace in the aerospace industry, most of the patents are for specific parts of the aircraft. There are very few patents for a complete aircraft (I am talking about utility patents here and not design patents). One such patent protected aircraft is the Britten-Norman Trislander, a three-engined piston powered civilian aircraft and manufactured by UK based Britten-Norman. The patent was filed on January 27, 1972 (with a priority date of February 5, 1971 from the UK) and granted by the USPTO on April 30, 1974. The abstract reads as A multi-engined aircraft has an uneven plurality of engines each driving...

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DNA of a Patent Search

  A patent search, in simple words, is an exercise of mining granted patents and published patent applications (patent documents) that are related to a subject matter of our interest. A patent search helps in making decisions under various scenarios. It helps determine, patentability of a subject matter, freedom to operate and validity of a patent, among others. More often than not, a patent search is conducted to determine patentability of a subject matter for which we wish to file for a patent. Even though a patent search may never be exhaustive to an extent that one can say with complete confidence...

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