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Patent: The Kiss of Life – Needle Patent for Acupuncture

The movie “Kiss of the Dragon” starring Jet Li was released in the year 2001 and was a big hit. No one can easily forget the breath taking fight sequences performed by Jet Li in that movie. One of the highlights of the movie was a bracelet wore by Jet Li which had so many special kind of needles in it. He used these needles in special manner in order to defeat his opponents. After the release of this movie, that kind of bracelets got a name “Jet Li Bracelet”. The idea used by Jet Li is actually known as...

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Patent: Pop King’s Patent – The Lean Against Gravity

Michael Jackson will always be remembered as the King of pop and will always remain the greatest entertainer of all time. He thrilled everybody with his superb innovative dancing skills and inspired people to innovate their own unique style. He rollicked with his Moonwalk in Smooth Criminal. The moonwalk was earlier known as backslide, but it was Michael Jackson who made it famous after performing it in his song “Billie Jean”. People started considering him a superstar even before his first mega hit “Thriller” was released in 1982. He was honoured by being inducted into the dance hall of fame....

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Salient Features of Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2011

The draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2011 have been notified for publication in the Gazette of India. Any objections or suggestions may be sent by email to chandni[dot]raina[at]nic[dot]in within 45 days from the date on which the official gazette, containing the notification, is made available to the public. This amendment rules have made it easier for patent applicants and practitioner by providing for online filing of documents. Following are the salient features of the amended rules. Electronically authenticated documents may be filed online. Individual applicants may file documents online without electronic authentication by duly signing the documents and should compulsorily submit paper...

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Patent: Cooling cricketers for hot Indian weather

14 participants, 3 hosts and 49 matches. Biggest and most awaited cricket tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 edition kick started in style on 19th February 2011 in Sher-e-Bangla national stadium, Bangladesh. The cricket fans all over the world are celebrating the event. With a strong Line Up, Indians are the clear favorites. Moreover this is said to be the last world cup of many cricket maestros along with the “God of Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar” topping the list. A threat during the play especially to the foreign teams may be that they have to fight against the rising mercury in...

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Request for Examination of a Patent Application – Mandatory Requirement in India

In the Indian patent system, a request to patent office has to be made to process the application to the Examination stage. Unlike other countries like USA, where the examination fee has to be paid at the time of filing itself, Indian Patent Act 1970 provides 4 years time frame to file and pursue the application to the examination stage. A request for examination has to be filed within 48 months from the date of priority (priority date here is the date of first filing of the invention), Only then the particular application is considered for examination. If it is not...

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Patentability of Biotech Inventions in Europe

Patentable Subject Matter The discussion with respect to patentability of biotech inventions in Europe has been limited to the European Patent Convention (EPC). As per the European Patent Convention, any invention is patentable unless it falls within the list of excluded inventions. According to Article 52 of EPC, any invention irrespective of the technology to which it belongs can be considered as patentable subject matter so long as it is new, inventive and has an industrial applicability and does not fall within the list of excluded inventions provided in Article 53 of the EPC. Along with inventions contrary to public order or...

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Patentability of Biotechnology Inventions in India

Patentable Subject Matter The scope of eligible subjects is very broad in India. Any product or process irrespective of the technology is patentable subject matter in India. However, the Patents Act under Section provides a long list of inventions that are excluded from patentable subject matter, which includes biotechnology inventions. Discovery of any living thing occurring in nature is not patentable subject matter in India. Prohibited biotech subjects further include plant and animals in whole or any part thereof including seeds; varieties, species and essentially biological processes for production or propagation of plants and animals. However, microorganisms and microbiological processes are patentable...

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