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Drafting of a Patent Specification

The image depicts a printed text of 'patent application'

In order for an applicant to be awarded patent rights, the applicant should disclose his/her invention to the patent office and later to the public through a patent specification. The specification has to accompany the patent application and based on the details provided in the specification and claims written in it, the patent office determines as to whether the invention is patent worthy. A patent specification is a document through which an inventor discloses the details of his invention to the patent office and the public. The patent specification is a techno-legal document that has to be filed along with a...

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Research Institutes and Patent Suits

Research centres today are waking up to the revenue potential of their research data and are ready to go to the extent of fighting legal battles to claim, protect and benefit from their intellectual property. One such battle is the lawsuit filed by the Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute at Pennsylvania against its former scientific director, Dr. Craig B. Thompson (who is currently the President & CEO of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center). The lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court in Manhattan in December by the research institute, describes Dr.Thompson as “an unscrupulous doctor”...

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Fundamentals of Patent Law

 A patent grants exclusive rights over an invention for a limited period of time to an inventor in exchange of full disclosure of his invention. The objective of the patent system is to promote the progress of science and technology for public benefit. It achieves this objective by granting exclusive rights to inventors. Through grant of exclusive rights, the patent system provides the incentives to invent, invest, design around and disclose, which encourages creation of inventions and their utilization for public benefit. For further reading please see the document embedded below. Non- commercial use of the contents is permitted by appropriate attribution to...

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Christmas deLIGHT

The image is of a well lit Christmas tree. The post is about attempts to patent Christmas lights. Click on image to view post.

It's December! The month of the Holy festival of Christmas. The whole world has geared up for the big celebrations. Christmas is celebrated as traditional birthday of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas Carol, Christmas cakes and so on are some inherent parts of Christmas celebration. The focus of my blog is on Christmas lights. The tradition of Christmas lights was started by the people who lived in the 17th century. They used to attach small candles to branches of the Christmas trees using wax or pins. But there was a risk of fire in...

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Fly Like Superman

The image is from Superman Comics. The post is about a patent application for hyperspace teleportation. Click on image to view post.

Everybody as a kid must have fantasized to fly like Superman. Did you ever imagine teleporting yourself from one place to another, just in a jiff? To sweep you off your feet here is a patent application which may remind you of Superman. I found a patent application which may turn your dream of teleporting yourself from one place to another into reality. A patent application (US 20060071122) titled “Full Body Teleportation System” filed by John Quincy St. Clair in Sep 2004 discloses a technique to teleport a human being through hyperspace from one location to another using a pulsed...

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