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‘A great brand evolves from building a good reputation’ – Abiodun A. Abioudin


The Indian Trade Mark Office had a slow week in comparison to the previous week. The total number of applications published in the trade mark journal has decreased by fifty-six percent (56%). There has also been a decrease in the total number of renewal notices issued with a decrease of forty-four percent (44%).

Weekly Indian Trade Mark Statistics

Particulars Last Week This Week Change in %
Total Trade Mark Applications Examined by Trade Mark Office 5715 4654 A decrease of 18%
Total Applications Disposed through Show Cause Hearings 4233 3084 A decrease of 27%
Total Applications Published in the Trade Mark Journal 17166 7514 A decrease of 56%
Total Registrations Granted 4389 3221 A decrease of 26%
Total Hearing Notices Issued 2380 2241 A decrease of 5%
Total Renewals Notices Issued 3944 2173 A decrease of 44%

Trade Mark Statistics by Office

Total Number of New Applications Received from November 29th, 2017 to December 05th, 2017

Sr. No Jurisdiction New Applications Examined Published Registered
1 AHMEDABAD 541 220 782 299
2 CHENNAI 966 391 1117 442
3 DELHI 1754 722 2271 1128
4 KOLKATA 298 120 369 115
5 MUMBAI 1153 438 1828 386
Total   4712 1891 6367 2370

Yearly Trade Mark Statistics

Trade Mark Statistics from January 01st, 2017 to December 05th, 2017

  • Total Number of Trade Mark Applications Filed – 233118
  • Total Number of Trade Mark Applications Examined – 151054
  • Total Number of Trade Mark Applications Published – 140570
  • Total Number of Trade Mark Applications Registered 281557


Bubble Wrap a Trade Mark ?

Bubble Wrap is a registered trade mark brand of Sealed Air Corporation that includes numerous cushioning products made from bubble wrap. Both the product and the brand were introduced in 1960. However, the company filed for a trade mark in 2005 with the USPTO for classes 16 and 17 and were granted registration thereafter. It is interesting to note that bubble wrap today is a commonly used phrase and very few people know that it is a registered trade mark.


Siemens Stops Siemens

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (Plaintiff) Vs. Siemens Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd (Defendants)
Subject – Trade Mark Infringement, Domain Name Infringement
Brief Facts – Plaintiff, a German conglomerate, and the largest industrial manufacturing company is the registered proprietor of the trade mark SIEMENS in India and various other countries. Plaintiff has also registered the domain names and and have been holding them since 1986 and 2009 respectively. The mark SIEMENS since its adoption in 1847, has been widely used worldwide and also constitutes an important feature of the trading name of the Plaintiff. In 2015, Plaintiff learned that the Defendant was using the domain name and the trade name SIEMENS in relation to identical services. A suit was filed by the Plaintiff before the Delhi High Court seeking relief for trade mark infringement against the Defendant’s use of the identical mark and domain name.
Judgment – The Court held that without any explicit permission or authorization, the Defendants’ malafide use of the Plaintiff’s trade mark SIEMENS and the domain name amounts to infringement and is bound to cause harm and injury to the Plaintiff and immense public harm. The Court, therefore, issued a decree of permanent injunction restraining the Defendants from using the mark SIEMENS or any other mark similar to that of the Plaintiffs’ registered mark and also from using the domain name and/or any other website and domain name having name SIEMENS so as to infringe the Plaintiff’s registered trademark.


The Battle of Bourbon Whiskey Settled

After three years of lengthy trade mark battle, the distillery Sazerac Company and Tennessee-based Prichard’s distillery have reached a settlement. Prichard’s had begun selling distilled spirits under the trade marks Double barreled and Benjamin Prichard’s double barreled bourbon in 2002.
In August 2014, Prichard’s filed a trade mark infringement suit before the US district court against Sazerac’s ‘A Smith Bowman Limited Edition Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey’ and ‘Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Double Barreled’ bourbons claiming that the use of the mark ‘Double Barreled’ was chosen by the Latter to create an association with the Prichard’s brand.


Fruit of the Loom Launched in India

Fruit of the Loom, an American company that manufactures clothing especially innerwear has launched their innerwear and leisure wear products for men and women in India by entering into an exclusive license agreement with Oban Fashions Pvt. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rupa & Company Limited. By end of December, 2017, more than 87 styles across the men’s & women’s range will be available at across 2500 stores. The range will be available on e-commerce websites from the first week of January 2018.

Smiley Inks Rubik’s Apparel Line with Uniqlo

The Smiley Company on behalf of Rubik’s Brand Ltd has brokered a deal with Uniqlo, a Japanese Fashion Brand to launch a new apparel range featuring Rubik prints t-shirts. The range will launch across Uniqlo’s global distribution network of over 1500 stores in early 2018.


Magahi Paan Takes a GI Step

The application made by Magahi Paan Utpadak Kalyan Samiti for Magahi Paan bearing application number 554 in Class 31 is advertised as accepted by the GI registry. Magahi Paan is a local and traditional cultivar betelvine that is grown commercially in magadh region of Bihar. Its leaf is very popular among pan chewers worldwide due to aroma (pungent) and less fibrous soft leaf. The application was filed in June, 2016. For persons interested, the paan is abundantly available in Bangalore at most paan stalls.


Trade Marks and Character Names in Songs

Using trade marks and/or character name in songs is permitted if the use amounts to fair use, and falls within the scope of permitted uses. However, using trade marks and character names in a manner that gives rise to blurring, tarnishment, unfair advantage, wrongful association or false representation will give rise to liability under the trade mark law and other laws. Content creators may consider getting a legal opinion from a qualified attorney before embarking on trade mark use in their content.
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