World’s Best IP Blogs: Patently-O

Patently-O is an American based web blog which primarily covers the happenings in America with respect to Intellectual Property. The blog was founded by Dennis Crouch and launched in January 2005 and has often been cited as one of the best blogs of the US and the world. The blog presents an extensive empirical analysis of the US patenting system. It also provides patent prosecution tips for attorneys and inventors, statistics, and status updates of patent infringement cases.

Over the past decade, the site has established itself as one of America’s leading patent law resource. This is testified by the fact that has a global rank of #177,174 (Alexa Ranking) which puts itself among the top 500,000 most popular websites worldwide. The blog has a google page rank of 7 which basically means that patently-o is a top site. Statistics indicate that the site reaches roughly 1,907 unique users each day and 696,055 users each year that generate 5,722 pageviews and 2,080,530 pageviews respectively.

While most of the articles on the blog are authored by Dennis Crouch, the blog also features articles from certain occasional contributors. Dennis Crouch in his description about the blog writes that Patently-O articles have been cited numerous times in congressional and administrative testimony. I find no reason to argue this statement, because one of the first blogs that a patent law student is asked to refer is The contents of patentlyo are freely available online and are catalogued within LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney and Founder of commended the blog and said that “Insightful, Analytical and Jurisprudential, posts on Patently-O cover important developments in patent law for lawyers, law professors and students. The blog takes law review approach into the blogging environment, and the articles are therefore not only comprehensive, but also well referenced.

I appreciate Dennis Crouch’s dedication towards taking patent law education beyond the classroom. In my opinion, Patently-O is the best blog for insights and updates on US Patent Law.”

In agreement to Dr. Kalyan’s comments one can find several comments on Dennis Crouch’s Linkedin account which suggest the popularity of the blog and how the blog has helped and continues to help lawyers, law professors, inventors and students. For instance one comment reads “Dennis’ Patently-O blog is a must-read for anyone interested in keeping abreast and informed of the latest in intellectual property law. Endowed with an insightful and analytical mind, Dennis is a prolific writer with an easy to understand and informative style. The IP community is indebted to Dennis for his invaluable service.” Similarly another reader of the blog says that “Mr. Crouch’s blog is essential daily reading for me and allows me to follow developments in U.S. patent law. It’s fun and breezy reading too.”

The blog is indeed crisp in its content, in that it provides clear information and details of IP law in the US. The site is user friendly and provides a neat reading experience. While we at BananaIP appreciate Dennis Crouch’s efforts in contributing to the growth of intellectual property through the Patently-O blog, we also suggest our readers to check out the blog when searching for any information and updates pertaining to the US Intellectual Property law.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra
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