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We have often featured several posts on BananaIP with respect to Smartphones and the Patent wars that these Smartphone companies often engage in. Everyone is familiar with the legal battles that have been fought between the likes of Google, Apple, Samsung, Ericsson, Micromax, to name a few. They are often battles of epic proportions and the whole world watches these battles with bated breath. While many blogs and sites cover these issues from the surface, there is one blog that delves deep into the matter. The blog that is being spoken of here is called “FOSS Patents

FOSS Patents is a blog that covers software patent news and issues in general and focuses particularly on wireless, mobile devices like Smartphones and tablet computers. The blog was launched in April 2010 by Florian Mueller. All the articles on the blog are authored by Mr. Florian who is often regarded as the world’s most-quoted expert on smartphone patents. He is an intellectual property activist with 25 years of software industry expertise spanning across different market segments diverse business models and a variety of technical and commercial areas of responsibility.

The first article on the blog focused on how patents are a threat to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), in this post Florian detailed about how people have been campaigning against software patents and how he himself founded the “NoSoftwarePatents” campaign in early 2004 when the European Union was in the midst of a legislative process. The blog’s stand against Patents on FOSS has often caused the blog to lock horns with those for the motion. In the most recent article, Florian asks the question “Why would a patent office be afraid of bloggers? Only if it has something to hide. Like the EPO.” This post was in response to the EPO alleging Mr. Florian of “habitually attacking the EPO.”

The blog has often been listed as one of the best blogs in the world to keep oneself updated on the Smartphone IP wars. While covering the issues exhaustively, the articles on the blog present an extensive analysis and commentary on the issues under discussion. The blog has a Global Rank of 820,763 with a Google Page Rank of 6. The blog has its largest followers from the US followed by Finland.

The blog is definitely the best when it comes to keeping oneself updated with the happenings in the world of software patents.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney, Bestseller Author and Founder of BananaIP Blog expressed his opinions on the blog and said –

“Florian’s blog, FOSS Patents is a great IP Blog for Software and Mobile patent news and updates. Though it is named FOSS Patents, its posts are not specifically focused on Free and Open Source Software.

Thanks for keeping us posted on Mobile Patent and other IP updates Florian. We at BananaIP Blog follow your updates keenly.”

As has been said many times over in this post, FOSS Patents blog is a wonderful current source for information and updates if you are a keen follower of the Smartphone IP wars and more so if you are someone who is extensively involved in the field of software.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra
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