Staying in Shape: Weight Loss Patents IV


Hello there dear readers, it’s Wednesday again and we are back with some more patents which aim at helping you burn that unhealthy fat and get in shape.  While they do not promise a chiseled you in 7 days, they can surely get you closer to that desired look.

Let us begin with the first invention – titled “Exercise device”. The invention as disclosed in US 12/341,636 relates to a device for exercising. More particularly this invention relates to a yoga prop used formulation dimensional exercises such as yoga, strength-training, aerobics and meditation.

“Exercise device” patent

The invention suggests that the fusion of aerobics, strength-training, yoga and meditation is an ideal venue for basic health, weight loss, and weight maintenance. Aerobics and strength-training have long been known to aid fat loss and improve body composition. Yoga and meditation have more recently been understood to assist in weight loss, maintenance and improved body composition as well.


An exercise device and method of use thereof, including an exercise platform and an incline base that can be used together or separately. The exercise device can be used for aerobics, strength-training and yoga or a combination thereof. The exercise platform can be rectilinear U-shaped and can include pull rings and exercise tubes connected thereto and the incline base can be adjustable from a horizontal position to variable degrees of incline.

The second invention is titled “Stomach belt for weight loss” and is disclosed by application number US 11/243,301. This invention relates to a device which can be used by the average person to help control the amount of food that they consume. This aids in the prevention and management of obesity by preventing and decreasing excessive food consumption.

invention 2


An apparatus and method for treating obesity comprising an inflatable balloon attached to an inner portion of a belt. The belt is wrapped around an individual’s abdomen in the vicinity of the stomach. The balloon is inflated prior to consuming a meal and left in place for a certain period of time. The apparatus is then removed from the individual’s abdomen.

Exercising ensures the loss of fat as well as toxins through sweat. The entire act is normally followed by gulping down gallons of water or an alternate drink to replace the lost water. Okay! Gallons of water, is a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway, this third invention can be a good alternate to water. The invention titled “Weight loss beverage” is disclosed in application number US 13/624,059.

The invention is basically a beverage composition for promoting weight loss, the beverage including a stimulant agent, a fat burning agent, a carbohydrate blocking agent, an anti-cholesterol agent, an insulin sensitizing agent, a sweetening agent, an aromatic agent, an antioxidant agent, an anti-inflammatory agent, a dietary agent, and an diuretic agent. The present invention further includes methods for administering the beverage composition to promote weight loss and provide energy to the user.

The invention claims

  1. A beverage composition for promoting weight loss, comprising:

a stimulant agent;

a fat burning agent;

a carbohydrate blocking agent;

an anti-cholesterol agent;

an insulin sensitizing agent;

a sweetening agent;

an aromatic agent;

an antioxidant agent;

an anti-inflammatory agent;

a dietary fiber; and

a diuretic agent.

  1.  The beverage composition of claim 1, wherein the stimulant agent is Oolong tea.
  2. The beverage composition of claim 1, wherein the fat burning agent, the carbohydrate blocking agent, the anti-cholesterol agent, and the insulin sensitizing agent is Oolong tea.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra.

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    HaHa. Nice post. Green tea and Oolong tea are both known to be fat reducers.

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