India lacks IP Expertise, Game of Thrones leaks, New South Wales government sued for royalties and more weekly copyright and entertainment news

Indian Copyright Statistics, IP related expertise lacking in India: Parrikar, New South Wales government sued for royalties,  Game of Thrones  Leaks carried out by former Iranian Military Hacker,  Amrita Pandey to head media distribution and OTT for Disney in SEA markets and more is presented by the Copyright and Entertainment Law Attorneys and experts of BananaIP Counsels, India’s Premier New Age IP Firm


The problem with the Indian IP system is not expertise or scholarship, it is with prejudice and bias”- Dr. Kalyan C Kanakanala, renowned patent and  trade mark attorney.


There was an increase of 20.28% in the total number of copyright filings compared to the last week. A total of 228 applications were filed for copyright registration during the last week. While most of the applications were filed for literary works no application was filed for registering Cinematographic films.

Sr. No Types of Work Number of Applications Previous Week Number of Applications this Week Percentage Change
1 Literary Works 147 173 16.25%
2 Musical Works 3 2 40%
3 Artistic Works 19 32 50.9%
4 Cinematograph Films 0 0 No change
5 Sound Recordings 3 1 100%
6 Software 14 18 25%
Total 186 228 20,28%


IP related expertise lacking in India: Parrikar
Goa Chief Minister and former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikkar on Thursday said that India is lacking expertise related to intellectual property. “I am sorry to say because even as a Defence Minister I had many times issues with IPs in various defense equipment. IP related manpower is absolutely lacking in India. It is slowly taking shape. The biggest damage it caused, is when IP regulations were not very strong in India, many of the foreign companies were reluctant to set up units here or bring in their product here because they were afraid that their IP would be copied and they would lose huge revenue,”  Parrikar said during a seminar on Intellectual Property in Panaji.


New South Wales government sued by copyright agency
The New South Wales government has been sued by the Copyright Agency, which is alleging that the government delayed royalty payments for an estimated 200 million photocopies made of newspapers, magazines, journal articles, and photographs. The copyright Agency represents content creators and administers various licenses, including the statutory license granted to state governments to copy and reproduce work for a fixed royalty.
Game of Thrones leaks  carried out by former Iranian Military Hacker
Torrent Freak reported that Behzad Mersri, an Iranian national who was previously associated with the Iranian military is responsible for hacking HBO’s systems and leaking HBO’s confidential information including script and plot summaries of unaired episodes. HBO alleges that Mersri illegally obtained 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO’s service and demanded a ransom of USD 5.5 million for not leaking the information.


Amrita Pandey to head media distribution and OTT for Disney in SEA markets
Amrita Pandey, vice president-Studios, Disney, India has been given the responsibility of overseeing all digital and OTT partnerships, content licensing and broadcast network distribution across the Indian subcontinent and South East Asian (SEA) markets.


IP awareness and Piracy
Creating awareness about IP enforcement measures among IP creators can go a long way in controlling piracy and infringement. Companies and inventors must consider organizing awareness programmes about acquiring and/or purchasing content/products from legal sources in order to reduce piracy and counterfeiting.
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