Valentine’s Day Gifts ( Love Patents II) :Tie The Lovers Knot

An interesting patent application filed in China describes a lover’s knot. This can be your first step before tying the final wedding knot if you do decide to take it all the way. The lover’s knot is in the shape of a heart divided into two parts. One for the boy, and one for the girl. The parts can be linked with each other to make the heart.

The idea is that linking the halves together is a symbol of union of hearts. Once the boy and girl decide to tie the lover’s knot, they are symbolically making a promise to each other to be together forever. Though it seems a little cheesy for the older folks, it may be an interesting gift for youngsters.

Here are some images of the Lover’s knot if you are interested in pursuing this gift idea. The lover’s knot can have printed material like names of the lovers, images, etc., to make it more personal.

The image shown here is the lovers knot as identified by the Patent application discussed here

Application Number: CN201208831Y


The utility model relates to the technical field of articles for daily life, in particular to a heart-shaped knot which comprises a left piece, a right piece which is symmetrical with the left piece, a connecting piece and decoration pictures and words on the surfaces of the left and the right pieces. The connecting piece is an arrowhead-shaped elastic piece or a reverse hook shaped elastic piece, the left piece and the right piece are of half-heart shapes which form a complete heart-shaped piece. The connecting piece is a sunk screw. The decoration pictures can be animal images with Chinese birth year, and the animal images are printed or pressed. The decoration words can be words like”blessing”, “love” , “good” and the words “Love For All Seasons”, double happiness, and such.

The heart-shaped knot is divided into the left and the right pieces in manufacture. On Valentine’s day or weddings, a female and a male take one piece respectively, the one with the left piece inserts the arrowhead-shaped elastic piece of the left piece into a connection hole of the right piece held by another one, and the two pieces are connected into a whole part, which means the two persons never depart. Because of large population in china, the heart-shaped knot has very wide market prospect.

This Valentine Day gift to a lover, will make him (her) overjoyed.

Claim 1 reads as follows:

1. A lover knot, characterized by a connecting hole has a right piece, and this provided the right piece relative said connecting member of the left sheet and provided on this sheet and the left and right sheet surface decoration consisting graphic .

The grammar in the translated version is a little off, but serves the purpose.


Authored by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

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