Sanjeeth Hegde

Sanjeeth Hegde, Senior Partner, BananaIP Counsels

Sanjeeth Hegde

Senior Partner

Sanjeeth Hegde

  • Nationally recognized entertainment law, IP licensing, and trademark attorney.
  • Has significant US in-house experience in tech licensing with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Advises leading organizations on branding, IP protection, and valuation

Sanjeeth Hegde is a Senior Partner at BananaIP Counsels, a premier IP firm based out of Bangalore. He leads the Trademarks/Copyrights, Media & Entertainment, and IP Licensing & Transactions practices of the firm. Prior to BananaIP he has worked for some of the leading Fortune 500 companies such as Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and EMC-Dell in an IP advisory, licensing and transactions capacity in the United States. He holds a Masters in Intellectual Property, Commerce, & Technology, and a Juris Doctorate degrees from Franklin Pierce Law Center, USA (UNH School of Law).

Sanjeeth has diverse experience advising clients on IP strategy, transactions, licensing, monetization and dispute resolution in technology, entertainment, and digital industries. Sanjeeth’s clients include Anand Audio, Dharma Productions, Essilor, Peps Industries, and Bosch. From time to time he also advises select start-ups and SMEs. Sanjeeth and his dedicated team of attorneys help clients in IP discovery, process set up for protection and monetization, monitoring and management of misuse, and dispute resolution. Much of their activities looks at building strong IP portfolios through trademark/copyright/trade secret opinions, drafting and filings of applications, prosecution and opposition proceedings for their clients in India and abroad.

He specializes in working hands-on with clients to discover and realize the value of IP in their businesses, and how these IPs can be leveraged to build a strong portfolio in gaining competitive advantage, and higher valuation. Sanjeeth’s teams regularly conduct IP mining and IP auditing activities to not just discover new opportunities for the client but also assess the effectiveness of long laid out strategies, processes and systems.

Sanjeeth is regularly called to deliver lectures at leading institutions such as National Law School, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and Gujarat National Law University. He also is the creator of the popular online IP and legal education initiative “Hegde Simplifies” which disburses simple to follow guidelines to students and professionals through YouTube and other social media channels.


  • Over 15 years of progressive experience in IP management across products, technology and knowledge-based sectors
  • Advanced expertise in IP mining, protection and monetization for content, data and digital industries.
  • Strategic advisor for film and music production houses on acquisition, creation and commercialization of IP portfolios.
  • Trained in Project Management and Six Sigma
  • Regularly designs and delivers IP related courses at leading law and business schools


  • Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics & International Development, Long Island University, USA.
  • Masters in IP, Commerce, and Technology, University of New Hampshire School of Law, USA.
  • Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of New Hampshire School of Law, USA


  • Effective methods for IP portfolio creation and management in entertainment industry.
  • Changing legal landscape in digital media


  • Travel and Exploration
  • Trekking
  • Gastronomy

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